~BIOLOGY | NEET Model Paper

1) ‘knock knee’ syndrome occurs due to the pollution of
a) nitrates
b) phosphates
c) fluorides
d) heavy metals.

2) A phenomenon when parasite parasitizes themselves is known as
a) hyperparasitism
b) parasitoids
c) monoxenous parasitism
d) polyxenous parasitism

3) Major function of respiration is 
a) transfer of CO2
b) release of CO2
c) release of O2
d) anabolism.

4) “Pollen Basket” is
a) a basket made of pollen
b) a simple basket
c) sac in flowers where pollen are carried
d) cavity in hind leg of a worker bee.

5) Black foot disease in human is caused by
a) arsenic
b) SPM
c) fluorine
d) cadmium.

6) The important function of lymph is to
a) transport oxygen to the brain
b) transport carbon dioxide to the lungs
c) return RBCs to the lymph nodes
d) return interstitial fluid to the blood.

7) In a growth curve of a plant, maximum growth is observed during —-phase.
a) lag phase
b) senescent phase
c) decline phase
d) exponential phase

8) What is the effect of GnRH produced by hypothalamus?
a) Stimulates the synthesis and secretion of androgens
b) Stimulates secretion of milk in mammary glands
c) Stimulates foetal ejection reflex
d) Stimulates synthesis of carbohydrates from non carbohydrates in liver.

9) Select the option which shows correct matching of animal with its excretory organ and excretory product. Animal
a) Labeo (Rohu)
b) Salamander
c) Peacock
d) Housefly

10) Which one of the following biomoleculesis is correctly characterized?
a) Lecithin – a phosphorylated glyceride found in cell membrane
b) Palmitic acid – an unsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbon atoms
c) Adenylic acid – adenosine with a glucose phosphate molecule
d) Alanine amino acid – contains an amino group and an acidic group anywhere in the molecule

11) Which hormones promote the flowering in long day plants and also control sex expression in certain species?
b) gibberellins
c) cytokinins
d) auxin

12) Which one of the following does not differ in E.coli and Chlamydomonas?
a) Ribosomes
b) Chromosomal organization
c) Cell wall
d) Cell membrane.

13) Which of the following groups of plants are propagated through underground root?
a) Bryophyllum and kalanchoe
b) Ginger, potato, onion and zamikand
c) Pistia, Chrysanthemum and pineapple
d) Sweet potato, Asparagus, Tapioca and Dahlia

14) The first self – duplicating units proposed to have been synthesized in the primitive oceans are
a) enzymes
b) genes
c) proteins
d) viruses.

15) Which one of the following statements about the given animals is correct?
a) Roundworms (Aschelminthes ) are pseudocoelomates
b) Molluscs are acoelomates
c) Insects are pseudocoelomates
d) Flatworms (Platyhelminthes) are coelomates

16) During the germination of castor seeds, the activity of which of the following enzyme is very high?
a) ? – amylase
b) β – amylase
c) protease
d) lipase

17) Abiogenesis is the
a) origin of life from non living organism
b) origin of life from living organism
c) origin of viruses and microbes
d) spontaneous generation

18) Parallelism is
a) adaptive convergence
b) adaptive divergence
c) adaptive convergence of far off species
d) adaptive convergence of closely related groups

19) Anther culture may be used as a technique for producing haploid plants. However, some diploid plants may also be obtained in the process due to
a) fusion of male and vegetative cells
b) development of exine and entine
c) development of another wall cells
d) fusion of male cells.

20) What is added to the blood during haemodialysis to prevent blood clotting?
a) Haemoglobin
b) Haemocyanin
c) Heparin
d) Thrombin

21) Globulins contained in human blood plasma are primarily involved in
a) osmotic balance of body fluids
b) oxygen transport in the blood
c) clothing of blood
d) defence mechanisms of body

22) Which of the following birds is on the verge of extinction in India?
a) peacock
b) pintail ducks
c) hornbill
d) Great Indian Bustard

23) In high yielding hybrid crop varieties, to exploit hybrid vigour, the farmers need to purchase fresh hybrid seed every year, because
a) it is cheaper to purchase fresh seed
b) hybrid vigour is lost due to inbreeding depression
c) they are not allowed to grow their own seed
d) government has accepted Dunkel’s proposals

24) Acquiring an oxygen debt is evidence that
a) O2 cannot be stored in tissues
b) aerobic respiration is more complex than glycolysis
c) lactic acid can be converted into glycogen
d) anaerobic process are slower than aerobic processes

25) In nodulous plant leghaemoglobin helps in
a) scavenging of oxygen
b) cofactor of nitrogenase
c) help reduction of nitrogen
d) energy supplier

26) Which one of the following cellular parts is correctly described?
a) Theylakoids – flattened membranous sacs forming the grana of chloroplasts
b) Centrioles – sites for active RNA synthesis
c) Ribosomes – those on chloroplasts are langer (80S) while those in the cytoplasm are smaller (70S).
d) Lysosomes – optimally active at a pH of about 8.5.

27) Choose the correct sequence of air pollution and its components with the effect it produces
a) chemical factory –> NO2 –> ozone hole
b) automobile exhaust –> NO2 –> greenhouse effect
c) heavy industry –> CO2 –> acid rain
d) NOx gases –> PAN –> photochemical smog

28) Mottled chlorosis on the leaves occur due to the deficiency of
a) nitrogen
b) phosphorus
c) potassium
d) sulphur

29) The loss of energy as one proceeds from one trophic level to the next higher levels is approximately
a) 30%
b) 40%
c) 100%
d) 90%

30) India has two hot spots North East Himalayas and Western Ghats which are rich in
a) some mammals
b) swallowed tailed butterflies
c) amphibian, reptiles, some mammals, butterflies and flowering plants
d) reptiles

31) In sweet pea, genes C and P are necessary for colour in flowers. The flowers are white in the absence of either or both the genes. What will be the percentage of coloured flowers in the offspring of the cross Ccpp x ccPp?
a) 75%
b) 25%
c) 100%
d) 50%

32) In human adult females oxytocin
a) stimulates pituitary to secrete vasopressin
b) causes strong uterine contractions during parturition
c) is secreted by anterior pituitary
d) stimulates growth of mammary glands.

33) How many equational divisions are necessary in a cell of onion root tip to form 128 cells?
a) 64

34) Peyer’s patches produce
a) mucous
b) Iymphocytes
c) trypsin
d) enterokinase

35) In the electron transport system present in the inner mitochondrial membrane, complexes I and IV are respectively
a) NADH dehydrogenase and FADH2
b) FADH2 and NADH dehydrogenase
c) NADH dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase complex
d) NADH dehydrogenase and ATP synthase

36) Which of the following is an example of alien species invading a new ecosystem resulting in biodiversity losses?
a) Introduction of Nile perch into Lake Victoria in East Africa.
b) Introduction of water hyacinth into India.
c) Introduction of African catfish into Indian rivers.
d) All of the above.

37) An interesting modification of flower shape for insect pollination occurs in some orchids in which a male insect mistakes the pattern on the orchids flower for the female species and tries to copulate with it, thereby pollinating the flower. This phenomenon is called
a) pseudopollination
b) pseudoparthenocarpy
c) mimicry
d) pseudocopulation.

38) Which of the following gene is responsible for biological nitrogen fixation?
a) nitrogenase
b) Nif gene
c) yeast alanine t-RNA synthetase
d) RNA synthetase

39) During meiosis I, the bivalent chromosomes clearly appear as tetrads during
a) diakinesis
b) diplotene
c) pachytene
d) zygotene

40) Cry I endotoxins obtained from Bacillus thuringiensis are effective against
a) nematodes
b) boll worms
c) mosquitoes
d) flies.

41) During cell division in apical meristem, the nuclear membrane appears in
a) telophase
b) cytokinesis
c) metaphase
d) anaphase.

42) Cut beet root cylinders when put in water, the water doesn’t become pink because
a) anthocyanin is more in water than in the beet root
b) plasma membrane is impermeable to anthocyanin pigment
c) anthocyanin is bound completely by some gymmy substance
d) anthocyanin is not present in beet roots.

43) After ovulation Graaffian follicle regresses into 
a) corpus artesia
b) corpus callosum
c) corpus luteum
d) corpus albicans.

44) During the process of blood coagulation, vitamin K helps in
a) the formation of prothrombin
b) the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin
c) the formation of thromboplastin
d) the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin

~BIOLOGY | NEET Model Paper

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