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NEET-2017 Botany Questions

Unit-I and Unit IV carries equal weightage in IPE For IPE this Unit got a weightage of 14 marks. Thre is no scope of Long Answer Questions. From chapter 9 & 11 Short Answer Questions are possible. From the chapter 10 ie. Biomolecules, Very short Answer type of questions will be asked. Student has to go through all the questions given at the end of each chapter. This year many questions are revamped and changed in the revised edition. Board of Intermediate Education did not give information regarding the change. Student must go through the new revised questions. Questions in the chapter 10 are also revamped. Students must prepare for the new revised questions. Diagrams are must for the answers as answers will be very brief. It is advisable to the student to attempt Short Answer Questions from this chapter to get more marks. In Unit -I for the SAQs much more information has to be written.

NEET-2016 Phase-I Questions BOTANY

1. Mitochondria and Chloroplast are:
(a) Semi-autonomous organelles
(b) Formed by division of preexisting organelles and they contain DNA but lack protein synthesizing machinery
1) Both (a) and (b) are correct
2) (b) is true but (a) is false
3) (a) is true but (b) is false
4) Both (a) and (b) are false

2. Spindle fibres attach on to:
1) Telomere of the chromosome
2) Kinetochore of the chromosome
3) Centromere of the chromosome
4) Kinetosome of the chromosome

3. Microtubules are the constituents of:
1) Cilia, flagella, Peroxysomes
2) Spindle fibres, Centrioles and Cilia
3) Centrioles, Spindle fibres and Chromatin
4) Centrosome, Nucleosome and Centrioles

4. A complex of ribosomes attached to a single strand of RNA is called as:
1) Polysome
2) Polymer
3) Polypeptide
4) Okazaki fragment

5. One of the major components of cell wall of most fungi is:
1) Chitin
2) Peptidoglycon
3) Cellulose
4) Hemicellulose

6. In meiosis crossing over is initiated at:
1) Pachytene
2) Leptotene
3) Zygotene
4) Diplotene

7. Which of the following cell organelles is enclosed by a single membrane
1) Mitochondria
2) Chloroplasts
3) Lysosomes
4) Nucleii

8. Water soluble pigments found in plant cell vacuoles are:
1) Xanthophylls
2) Chlorophylls
3) Carotenoids
4) Anthocyanins

NEET-2016 Phase-II Questions BOTANY

9. Select the mismatch.
1) Large central vacuoles –  Animal cells
2) Protists – Eukaryotes
3) Methanogens – Prokaryotes
4) Gas vacuoles – Green bacteria

10. Select the wrong statement 
1) Pili and fimbriae are mainly involved in motility of bacterial cells
2) Cyanobacteria lack flagellated cells
3) Mycoplasmais a wall-less microorganism
4) Bacterial cell wall is made up of peptidoglycan

11. A cell organelle containing hydrolyticenzymes is:
1) Microsome
2) Ribosome
3) Mesosome
4) Lysosome

12. During cell growth, DNA synthesis takes place in:
1) G1 phase
2) G2 phase
3) M phase
4) S phase

13. Match the states of meiosis in Column – I to their characteristic features in Column – II and select the correct option using the codes given below.
Column – I
a) Pachytene
b) Metaphase-I
c) Diakinesis
d) Zygotene
Column – II
i) Pairing of homoglogous chromosomes
ii) Terminalization of chiasmata
iii) Crossing over takes place
iv) Chromosomes align at equatorial plate
1) a-i, b-iv, c-ii, d-iii
2) a-ii, b-iv, c-iii, d-i
3) a-iv, b-iii, c-ii, d-i
4) a-iii, b-iv, c-ii, d-i

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