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NEET 2017 – Zoology

1. In male cockroach, sperms are stored in which part of reproductive system? 
1) seminal vesicle
2) mushroom gland
3) testes
4) vas deferens

2. Which of the following features is not present in Periplaneta Americana?
1) exoskeleton made up of N – acetylglucosamine
2) metamerically segmented body
3) schizocoeom as body cavity
4) indeterminate and radial cleavage

3. The body cells in cockroach discharge their nitrogenous wastes into haemolymph mainly in the form of: 
1) urea
2) ammonia
3) calcium carbonate
4) potassium urate

4. The terga, sterna and pleura of cockroach body are joined by 
1) arthrodial membrane
2) cartilage
3) cementing substance
4) muscular tissue

5. What external changes are visible after the last moult of a cockroach nymph? 
1) both forewings and hind wings develop
2) labium develops
3) mandible become harder
4) anal cerci develop

6. Select the correct statements from the ones given below with respect to Periplaneta americana.
1) nervous system located dorsally consists of segmentally arranged ganglia joined by a pair
of longitudinal connectives
2) males bear a pair of short thread like anal styles
3) there are 16 very long malpighian tubules present at junction of midgut and hindgut
4) grinding of food is carried out only by the mouth parts

7. Which of the following happens in cockroach? 
1) malpighian tubules are excretory organs projecting out from colon
2) oxygen is transported by haemoglobin in blood
3) nitrogenous excretory product is urea
4) the food is ground by mandibles and gizzard

8. Match the following with reference to eye of insect.
           List – I
A) Apposition image
B) Dioptrical region
C) Retinulae
D) Vitrillae
E) Cornea
           List – II
I) Secrete crystalline cone
II) Refractive region of anommatidium
III) Region with cornea and crystallinecone
IV) Houseflies
V) Photoreceptor cells
1) A-IV; B-V; C-III; D-II; E-I
2) A-V; B-IV; C-III; D-I; E-II
3) A-IV; B-III; C-V; D-I; E-II
4) A-III; B-II; C-IV; D-V; E-I

9. Statement (S): Cockroach is paurometabolous with reference to its development.
Reason (R): There is no nymphal stages in the development of cockroach 
1) (S) is correct but (R) is wrong
2) Both (S) and (R) are correct but (R) is not the correct explanation to (S)
3) Both (S) and (R) are correct and (R) is the correct explanation to (S)
4) (S) is wrong but (R) is correct

10. With reference to Cockroach, match the following.
             List – I                                   List – II
a) Ocellar spot                               i) genae
b) Epicranial                                 ii) mandibles plates
c) Cheeksclerites                        iii) fenestra
d) Second                                      iv) vertexmaxillae
e) Adductor and                             v) labiumabductor muscles
1) a-iii; b-iv; c-i; d-v; e-ii
2) a-iii; b-v; c-i; d-iv; e-ii
3) a-ii; b-iv; c-iii; d-v; e-i
4) a-ii; b-v; c-i; d-iv; e-iii

11. Which cells of the following are fat secreting cells in the haemocoel of cockroach?
1) trophocytes
2) urate cells
3) mycetocytes
4) oenocytes

12. Which of the following statement is incorrect pertaining to cockroach?
1) ostia have valves which allow the blood to pass only into the heart
2) thoracic and abdominal spiracles are valvular
3) the wall of trachea is made with lamina propria, endothelium and taenidia
4) taenidia keep the tracheae always open and prevent them from collapsing

13. In Periplaneta, which among the following helps to nourish the sperms? 
1) utriculi breviores
2) ejaculatory duct
3) vas deferens
4) utriculi majors

14. In Periplaneta, ductus ejaculatorius of male reproductive system lies in ___
1) 6th segment
2) 7th segment
3) 8th segment
4) 5th segment

15. Arrange the ganglia of autonomous nervous system of cockroach from anterior to posterior.
A) Frontal ganglion
B) Proventricular ganglion
C) Hypocerebral ganglion
D) Visceral ganglion
1) A C D B
2) A D C B
3) B C D A
4) B D A C

16. The following are the parts of alimentary canal of Cockroach and arrange them in correct sequence from anterior to posterior end.
A) Stomodael valve
B) Crop C) Ileum
D) Proventriculus
E) Mesenteron
F) Colon
1) B D A C E F
2) D B E A C F
3) B D A E C F
4) D B A C F E

17. Thermoreceptor sensillae of Cockroach are located on:
1) Antenna, maxillary, and labialpalps
2) tarsi of legs
3) labrum, maxillae, labium
4) anal cerci and anal styles

More Related Questions : 

1. What is the function of haemocytes found in the blood of Periplaneta?
Ans: Haemocytes in the blood of Periplaneta act as phagocytes. They are large in size and ingest
foreign particles like bacteria.

2. Why is the head in cockroach called hypognathous?
Ans: Cockroach keeps its head at right angles to the body with the posterior wider part upwards. So
mouthparts directed down-wards.

3. In which part of the gut of cockroach, water is reabsorbed?
Ans: Rectum with six longitudinal folds, rectal papillae help in the reabsorption of water from the
undigested food in cockroach.

4. Which of the abdominal ganglia is the largest and why?
Ans: 6th abdominal ganglion present in 7th abdominal segment is the largest among all abdominal ganglia in cockroach. It is formed by the fusion of ganglia of four segments like 7th to 10th abdominal

5. What are trichomes? Write their functions.
Ans: Trichomes are the small hair like structures associated with spiracles in cockroach. They filter the dust particles.

6. What is the function of mushroom gland in cockroach?
Ans: Mushroom shaped gland is present in 6th and 7th abdominal segments of male cockroach. It
acts as an accessory reproductive gland. Mushroom gland has two types of tubules:
a) Utriculimajores/peripheral tubules: Form the inner layer of spermatophore.
b) Utriculibreviores: Nourishes the sperms.

7. Distinguish between scolopidia and sensillae.
Ans: i) Scolopidia are the subcuticular units of mechanoreceptors of chrodo-tonal organs.
ii) Sensillae are the units of cuticular receptors and chemoreceptors.

8. How is collaterial gland helpful in reproduction of Periplaneta?
Ans: A pair of Collaterial glands in female cockroach secrete hard egg case known as ootheca around
the eggs.

9. Why is the respiratory system of cockroach called polypneustic and holopneustic system?
Ans: i) Respiratory system in cockroach is polypneustic as there are more than 3 pairs of
ii) Respiratory system in cockroach is holopneustic as all of them are functional.

10. Which part of the gut secretes the peritrophic membrane in cockroach?
Ans: When the food enters the mesenteron from gizzard, the gland cells of anterior mesenteron secreted a porous chitinous membrane, peritrophic membrane around the food. It protects the delicate
walls of mesenteron as they are endodermal.

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