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Computer Knowledge for Communication Quiz

1) Which type of polarization of electromagnetic waves is used in TV transmission?
a) Used in TV polarization
b) Vertical polarization
c) Circular polarization
d) Triangular polarization

2) The horizontal line frequency in monochrome and ColourT.V in India is kept?
a) 15225Hz
b) 15425Hz
c) 15625Hz
d) 16625Hz

3) Which type of colour transmission system is used in India?
d) PAL

4) Synchronizing pulses are added to the composite video signal at……level?
a) 60%
b) 70%
c) 75%
d) 80%

5) Vertical oscillator frequency is chosen as 50Hz because?
a) It reduces flickering
b) The circuit becomes simple
c) It is a popular number
d) None

6) The type of scanning used in India as per standards is?
a) Progressive
b) Interlaced
c) The screen is divided into four fields
d) The screen is scanned from right to left

7) The impedance of a dipole antenna (Yagi antenna)?
a) 75 O
b) 100 O
c) 150 O
d) 300 O

8) The reception zone of a high power TV transmitter is?
a) 50KM
b) 70KM
c) 90KM
d) 120KM

9) The typical EHT voltage for a B&W TV receiver is?
a) 5KV
b) 10KV
c) 18KV
d) 35KV

10) The deflecting coils are mounted in picture tube are at?
a) Inside neck of CRT
b) On the neck of the CRT
c) On the screen
d) At the filament

11) In T.V transmitter the antenna can work as?
a) Multi carrier system
b) Double carrier system
c) Inter carrier system
d) Single carrier system

12) Which layer is coated on the side walls of the screen to work as final anode?
a) Silver
b) Carbon
c) Iron oxide
d) Beryllium oxide

13) Which deflection is more effective in the CRT?
a) Electrostatic
b) Electromagnetic
c) Magnetic
d) Both a & b

14) The screen is coated with vilimite (zinc sulphate) the colour of illumination of the screen is?
a) White
b) Green
c) Yellow
d) Blue

15) The deflection sensitivity of the beam is 2 cm/20 volt the deflection of the beam is?
a) 1 cm
b) 2 cm
c) 4 cm
d) 5 cm

16) Micro phone is used to convert the?
a) Electrical to electronic signals
b) Sound waves into audio signals
c) Audio signals to video signals
d) Audio signals t sound waves

17) In television the word ‘tele’ means?
a) At a distance
b) To see
c) Communicate
d) Watching

18) In moving pictures type video signals how many pictures are very in front of the eye in one second?
a) 18
b) 20
c) 15
d) 16

19) How many deflecting coils are mounted on CRT?
a) One coil
b) One pair
c) Two pair
d) Three coils

20) In photo sensitive screen in camera tube (Iconoscope tube) the number of particles are made with?
a) Beryllium oxide
b) Iron oxide
c) Zinc oxide
d) Silver cesium oxide

21) The photo sensitive screen in the camera stores the picture in the form
a) Video image
b) Electrical image
c) Electronic image
d) Audio frequency signal

22) In instrument systems, which of the following static characteristic are desired?
a) Accuracy
b) Sensitivity
c) Reproductivity
d) all the above

23) In the absence of damping force?
a) A pointer will not deflect
b) Pointer will not come to zero position
c) Pointer will take longer time to settle
d) None

24) Which one of the force will bring back the pointer to zero resting position when supply is removed?
a) Damping force
b) Deflecting force
c) Controlling force
d) None

25) The instrument which use the sum of the value over any time interval is called
a) Instantaneous instrument
b) Integrating instrument
c) Differentiating instrument
d) None

26) Bearing used for supporting the pointer is?
a) Needle bearing
b) Ball bearing
c) Roller bearing
d) None

27) In a series type ohm meter the zero adjustment should be done by changing?
a) The value of unknown resistance
b) The value of the rheostat connected in series with meter
c) Changing both the resistances
d) None

28) Megger is used to measure?
a) Low voltage
b) High voltage
c) Low resistance
d) High resistance

29) Medium resistance is in between?
a) < 1 ohm
b) 1 ohm – 100 kilo ohm
c) > 100 kilo ohm
d) > 1 ohm

30) The ohm meter is used to measure?
a) High resistance
b) Low resistance
c) Medium resistance
d) Low current

31) In PMMC instruments, magnet is made with?
a) Hard iron
b) Soft iron
c) Either hard or soft iron
d) None

32) In amplifier transistors are used for?
a) Enlarging small signal
b) Reducing a signal
c) Converting an a.c signal into d.c signal
d) All the above stated purposes

33) An amplifier in which the shape of applied input signal does not change is called?
a) Pulse amplifier
b) Linear amplifier
c) Non linear amplifier
d) None of the above

34) Small signal amplifiers are also known as?
a) Large power amplifiers
b) Medium power amplifiers
c) Low power amplifiers
d) Both medium and low power amplifiers

35) Which of the following components fails most frequently in amplifiers?
a) Resistors
b) Transistors
c) Electrolytic capacitor
d) Ceramic capacitor

36) The gain (voltage or current) of a common emitter amplifier is highest at?
a) High frequency
b) Low frequency
c) Mid frequency
d) Ceramic frequency

37) The technique of feeding the output of one amplifier stage to the input of the second amplifier stage is called?
a) Joining
b) Coupling
c) Isolating
d) Bypassing

38) A power amplifier is essentially?
a) An impedance matching device
b) A noise amplifier
c) A current amplifier
d) A voltage amplifier

39) The first stage of an audio amplifier is designed to work as class ‘A’ due to its?
a) High efficiency
b) High power gain
c) Low distortion
d) All the above

40) If two half signals applied to a push-pull amplifier stage are not symmetrical, the result will be?
a) Increased gain
b) Distorted output
c) Reduced gain with high frequency
d) Increased efficiency

41) Class ‘A’ amplifier conducts during?
a) Positive half cycle of the input only
b) Negative half cycle of the input only
c) Entire cycle of the input
d) Less than positive half cycle of the input

42) The brain of the computer is?
a) ALU
b) Memory
c) CPU
d) Control Unit

43) Which of the following is not input unit device?
a) Scanner
b) Camera
c) Latter
d) Digitizer

44) Primary memory stores?
a) Data alone
b) Programs alone
c) Results alone

45) Which of the following is a secondary memory device?
a) Key board
b) Disk
c) ALU
d) All of the above

46) Memory unit is one part of ?
a) Input device
b) Control unit
c) Output device
d) Central processing unit

47) Control unit is the part of ?
a) Hard disk
b) Memory
c) CPU
d) None of them

48) I/O stands for?
a) Indirect output
c) Input/Operation
d) None of the above

49) RAM stands for?
a) Random access memory
b) Real access memory
c) Read actual memory
d) None of these

50) Modem is used for?
a) Printing
b) Video editing
c) Data display
d) Dial-up connection

51) Printer is a?
a) Input device
b) Processing device
c) Storage device
d) Output device

52) Software is a?
a) Program
b) Program and data
c) Data
d) None of these

53) CPU includes?
a) ALU and memory units
b) Memory and control units
c) Control unit and ALU
d) Input and output units

54) A micro processor performs the function of CPU of a ?
a) Control bus
b) Digital computer
c) Memory
d) Data bus

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