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General Awareness Quiz for Competitive Exams

1. Which one of the following incident was probed by The Kochhar Commission?
A. Pune Blast
B. Bhopal Gas Disaster
C. Godhra Train carnage
D. Mumbai Terror attack

2. Possession of Adhaar card is mandatory for teaching and Non teaching staff to draw salaries in which state?
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Maharastra
C. Gujarat
D. West Bengal

3. On which of the following river, the controversial Polavaram project is a being constructed on?
A. Godavari
B. Krishna
C. Manjira
D. Moosi

4. The first European nation to make military service compulsory for women is?
A. Norway
B. France
C. Canada
D. Switzerland

5. Who was conferred “Jacques Diouf Award” organized by The United Nations Food and Agriculture organization (FAO)?
A. Uday foundation
B. Pratham
C. Give India

6. Where is Mount Etna, one of the world’s most active volcanoes located?
A. Italy
B. Kenya
C. Japan
D. Chile

7. Who is the author of the book “The River of Smoke”?
A. Naomi Klein
B. Peter Forbes
C. Amitav Ghosh
D. Chetan Bhagath

8. Which among the following best describes the status of India’s unemployment for the year 2011-12 according to NSSO?
A. It rose by 2%
B. It declined by 2%
C. It rose by 2.7%
D. It declined by 2.7%

9. What is the proposed no of reduced CSS under the new strategy by Union Government which has decided toreduce the number of centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) from over 140 during the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17)?
A. 38
B. 66
C. 85
D. 98

10. Indian Pharmacy sector being accused of infringing IP rights recently. With this reference, consider the following:
1. Product Patent
2. Process Patent
The Indian laws make provisions for which of them?
A. Only 1
B. Only 2
C. Both 1 & 2
D. Neither 1 nor 2

11. The main purpose of appointment of Rangachary committee is?
A. Taxation of software Development Centres & IT Sector
B. Taxation of Biotechnology and Pharmacy sector
C. Taxation of MSME sector
D. None of the above

12. Identify the first indigenously developed Rotavirus vaccine of India?
A. Rotamine
B. Rotavac
C. Rotanic
D. Roatacid

13. Where is the controversial Chutka Nuclear power plant located?
A. Karnataka
B. Tamilnadu
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Gujarat

14. To protect which species of insect has the European Union imposed ban on the pesticide namely neonicotinoids?
A. Dragon Fly
B. Honey Bees
C. Vasp
D. Beetle

15. Where was India’s first Yoga University inaugurated?
A. Ahmadabad
B. Bengaluru
C. Bhopal
D. Hyderabad

16. Which language has the Union Cabinet granted classical language status to?
A. Hindi
B. Gujarathi
C. Malayalam
D. Konkani

17. Where is The Inga dam, world’s largest proposed hydropower project,located?
A. South Africa
B. Democratic Republic of the Congo
C. Nigeria
D. Kenya

18. Which city is the host of World Economic Forum (WEF) India 2013 meet?
A. Bangalore
B. Chennai
C. Kochi
D. Mumbai

19. Panchayt raj amendment bill that provides for disqualification of gramapanchayat members and presidents who fail to convene meetings of ward and gramasabha has been passed by which state?
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. West Bengal
C. Karnataka
D. Goa

20. The rescue operation conducted byIndian Air Force (IAF) in badly affected area of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh by heavy rain has a code name as?
A. Operation Sannad
B. Operation Rahat
C. Operation Ganges
D. Operation Relief

21. When is “Nelson Mandela International Day” observed?
A. Jun-18
B. Jul-18
C. Jun-19
D. May-19

22. With which Institution has Government of India inked a loan agreement for the National AIDS control Project (NACP-IV)?
A. World Bank
B. Asian Development Bank

23. Who is the new President of Iran?
A. Hassan Rouhani
B. Mohsen Rezai
C. Saeed Jalili
D. Mohammed Baquerqalibaf

24. Doctors in Saudi Arabia have reported a MERS virus which spread easily and is deadlier than SARS. Full form of MERS is?
A. Medium Early Respiratory Syndrome
B. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
C. Most Effective Respiratory Syndrome
D. Moderate Effective Respiratory Syndrome

25. Where was the 39th G-8 summit concluded?
B. Russia
D. France

26. By which year has Union government targeted to achieve 80% literacy rate in the country?
A. 2015
B. 2016
C. 2017
D. 2018

27. A committee was constituted to examine aspects related indecent portrayal of women in mass media? Who is its chairman?
A. ShantaSinha
B. Aruna Roy
C. Kushal Singh
D. K Ratnaprabha

28. Name the satellite of Ecuador that collided with the Russian rocket debris?
A. Biom-1
B. Pegasus
D. Kryasor

29. Name the first state in India to provide tablet PC to ASHA worker?
A. Gujarat
B. Rajasthan
C. Karnataka
D. Haryana

30. When is the World Day to Combat Desertification observed?
A. Jun-16
B. Jun-17
C. Jun-18
D. Jun-19

31. Where is the famous Padmanabhapuram palace located?
A. Kerala
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh

32. Which among the following Indianborn journalist has been appointed as editor of a British national newspaper “The Independent” is?
A. AmolRajan
B. Joseph Harker
C. Dinesh Butto
D. Thomas Mathew

33. Who has won the European under 21 championship?
A. Italy
B. Spain
C. France
D. Japan

34. Name the company with maximum share in domestic aviation market, according to latest air traffic figures?
A. Jet Airways
B. IndiGo
C. Spice Jet
D. GoAir

35. Where has the first ever Chinese Film Festival been inaugurated in India?
A. Kolkata
B. Hyderabad
C. Mumbai
D. New Delhi

36. In which country has a team of Archaeologists discovered 1,200 year old long-lost city?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Cambodia
C. Indonesia
D. Malaysia

37. What is the name of the Frontier mission to the planet ‘Jupiter’?
A. Xylo
B. Apollo
C. Juno
D. Dragon

38. Which book has been authored by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru?
A. Discovery of India
B. Glimpses of world history
C. All of the above
D. None of the above

39. Marion Bartoli who was a professional tennis player, belongs to which country?
A. France
B. Russia
C. England
D. Germany

40. Which Indian institute became the first Indian institute to make it to the top 500 Academic Rankings of World Universities?
A. IIT Kharagpur
B. IISc Bangalore
C. IIM Ahemdabad
D. None of the above

41. Padma Shri awardee Anjolie Ela Menon is very well known as what?
A. Singer
B. Dancer
C. Artist
D. Human Right Activist

42. How many countries in European Union share euro as a single currency?
A. 17
B. 18
C. 19
D. 20

43. To whom does the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Udyami Mitra Yojana’ aims to provide financial assistance?
A. Entrepreneurs
B. Farmers
C. Self Help Groups
D. Unemployed Youth

44. Where has the International Center for Drinking Water Quality been set up in India?
A. Mumbai
B. Kolkata
C. Delhi
D. Bangalore

45. On which day is the International Youth Day observed each year?
A. 21st July
B. 21st August
C. 21st September
D. 21st December

46. Which country is the largest oil importer in the world?
A. Russia
B. China
C. Iran

47. Through which of the following countries does the Mekong river not run through?
A. China
B. Myanmar
C. Malaysia
D. Cambodia

48. Which strait separates North Islands of New Zealand from the South Islands of New Zealand?
A. Cook Strait
B. Magellan Strait
C. Strait of Messina
D. Endeavour Strait

49. In which Indian state can the ‘Achanakmar Tiger Reserve’ be found?
A. West Bengal
B. Assam
C. Bihar
D. Chhattisgarh

50. Which Indian missile has been developed under the ‘Integrated Guided Missile Development Program’?
A. Agni
B. Prithvi
C. Akash
D. None of the above

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