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Candidates Must DOs and DONTs in APPSC Examinations


  • * Candidate should write the Register Number and Paper Code and Bubble the Circles on the Bar Code sheet with Blue/Black Ball Pen for Conventional Type Papers Only.
  • *  The Bare Acts are alone Permitted to Refer in the Examination Hall , for with Book Papers.
  • * Candidates Appearing for Candidates Tests shall bring Survey Tests shall Bring their own Instrument Box.
  • *  Candidate should Maintain Strict Discipline in the Examination Hall.

  • * Writing with Sketch Pens, Colour Pens, Marking any Symbols at any Other Places , use of Whitener, Failure to Bubble / Wrong Bubbling Leads to Invalidations of Script
  • *  Use of Guides, Commentaries , Short Notes, Made Easy, Hand Written or Photostat Papers, Dairies, Training Institute Material and Hand Books are Strictly not Allowed
  • * Possession and Usage of Mobile Phone, Electronic Gadgets and Programmable Scientific Calculators in the Examination Hall is Unlawful and Liable for Department
  • * The Candidate is Prohibited from Communicating, Consulting or Conversing with other Candidates , causing Disturbance and Adopting Agitation Tactics in the Examination Hall. 

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