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By human obligations, I mean the ability to  be  have in a reasonable way, to observerestraint so that restraints do not have to be imposed, to be able to think clearly and objectively, so that false doctrines cannot gain ground. I believe that it also means the ability to see thorough nonsense, political, economic,scientific and so on, and the  feeling that it is aduty to resist it.

91. Human obligations do not include ….
1) behaving in a disciplined manner
2) acquiring knowledge
3) making others feel that you are always right
4) thinking clearly
92.If one does not observe restraint
1) people around one will grow hostile
2) one’s friends will ignore one
3) one’s life will be miserable
4) people will see to it that one behaves responsibly
93.When one does not think clearly and objectively one ….
1) fails to achieve success
2) tends to believe in the wrong things
3) is considered a fool
4) tends to make mistakes in day-to-day life
94.It is one’s duty to resist ….
1) all political propaganda
2) religious practices
3) unsatisfactory plans and programme
4) irrational ideas
95.In the passage, the author is primarily concerned with ….
1) moral conduct
2) a humane approach to our problem
3) the Scientific point of view
4) the acquisition of Specialized knowledge
(96-99): Choose the closest meaning of the given words:96. Dr.S.Radha Krishnan has written an erudite commentary on the Bhagawad Gita.
1) Scholarly
2) Inspiring
3) Effective
4) Perfect
97.We did not expect such a judicious remark from him.
1) Legal
2) Shrewd
3) Rational
4) Sagacious
98. The story is too fantastic to be credible.
1) Believable
2) False
3) Readable
4) Praise worthy
99. This was her maiden performance and she did very well.
1) Fresh   
2) Girlish    
3) First  
4) Primary

(Q.100-102): Choose the opposite word for the given words.
100. His principles are flexible.
1) Accurate
2) Rigid
3) Distinct
4) Strict
101.We have made tentative plans for a holiday.
1) Permanent
2) Definite
3) Careful
4) Elaborate
102.He is quite optimisticabout the newmeasures he has introduced to alleviatepoverty.
1) Cynical
2) Dubious
3) Stoical
4) Pessimistic

(103-105):Choose the correctly spelt word.

1) Accomodate
2) Acomodate
3) Acommodate           
4) Accommodate
1) Occassion
2) Ocassion
3) Ocasion
4) Occasion
1) Professor
2) Proffesor
3) Profesor
4) Proffessor

(Q.106-109): Choose the most effectiveword to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
106. The weekly programme on television is the most ……. means of educating the public about pollution.
1) proficient
2) effective
3) important
4) competent
107.Although Anil loves company, his fellowstudents find him ……… and strive to………… his company.
1) generous, enjoy        
2) sinister, delay
3) boring, evade         
4) altruistic, accept
108.The government is planning to set ……family welfare centers for slums in cities.
1) in
2) up
3) for
4) another
109.I haven’t seen you ……… a week.
1) from    
2) within     
3) for      
4) since

110.My parents wanted me to have …….. good education.
(Choose the right article to filling the blank).

1) a
2) an
3) no article
4) the

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