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General Knowledge Quiz and Current Affairs
1.HSBC Holdings is a multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in?
1) Hong Kong, China
2) Shanghai, China
3) London, U.K.
4) New York, USA

2.Monte Carlo Masters and Miami Open tournaments are related to?
1) Badminton
2) Golf
3) Formula One
4) Tennis

3. Under the Sovereign Gold Bond 2016-17 – Series II, instead of buying physical gold, Indian residents can buy the Gold Bonds. These Bonds would be issued for the term of 8 years with exit option from ……..
1) 5 th year 
2) 7 th year
3) 1 st year
4) 2 nd year

4. Minimum permissible investment allowed under the SGB 2016-17 – Series II will be …..
1) 3 gram
2) 8 grams
3) 1 gram 
4) 20 grams

5. Wrong statement regarding SGB scheme is ……..
1) Bonds are eligible for conversion into DEMAT form.
2) Bonds will be tradable on stock exchanges.
3) The interest accrued on Gold Bonds shall not be taxable under Income Tax Act, 1961.
4) Capital gains tax arising on redemption of SGB to an individual has been exempted.
5) Bonds will be sold through banks, designated post offices, National Stock Exchange of India Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange, either directly or through agents.

6. Under the Sovereign Gold Bonds Scheme investors earn interest rate up to …….. payable semi-annually on the initial value of investment.
1) 2.75 % per annum
2) 1.75 % per annum
3) 8.75 % per annum
4) 4.75 % per annum

7. SGB can be used as collateral for loans and for this purpose LTV ratio is to be set equal to ordinary gold loan mandated by the RBI from time to time. In this context, LTV stands for ……..
1) LIBOR-To-Value
2) Linked-To-Value
3) Liability-To-Value
4) Loan-To-Value

8. RBI announced the launch of the September round of inflation expectations survey of households covering …….. cities across the country on 22 August 2016.
1) 9
2) 10
3) 18 
4) 12

9. 18 th meeting of Sub-committee of Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)
held on 29 August 2016 at Mumbai discussed the global and domestic fronts that impact on the financial stability of the country. This committee headed by ……..
1) Governor, RBI 
2) Chairman, IRDAI
3) Chairman, PFRDA
4) Chairman, SEBI

10. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between HDFC
Ltd. and ERGO International AG. ERGO has base in……..
1) UK
2) Australia
3) Germany
4) Japan

11. Takehiko Nakao recently reelected as the president of ……..
1) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
2) International Monetary Fund
3) International Finance Corporation
4) Asian Development Bank

12. ‘Project Ananya’ launched by which bank on 10 August 2016 aimed at digital banking,
to transform 10% of its branches to the new format in the next 6-12 months?
1) Syndicate Bank 
2) Andhra Bank
3) Punjab National Bank
4) Karur Vysya Bank Limited

13. NABARD on 9 August 2016 sanctioned Rs. 26.06 crore to …….. for tackling water logging by constructing lift schemes in lowlying areas, village ponds and other allied works.
1) AP
2) Telangana
3) Bihar
4) Punjab 

14. Korea Development Bank and …….. signed MOU to enhance business synergies, which outlines the plan to enhance cooperation in areas including corporate finance, project finance and asset finance.
1) SBI 
2) Bank of Maharashtra
3) Punjab and Sind Bank
4) Indian Bank

15. On 9 September 2016, RBI instructed banks to accept cash deposits at the counter from people declaring unaccounted wealth under the IDS. In this context, IDS stands for ……..
1) Income Deposit Scheme
2) Income Disclosure Scheme
3) Income Derivative Scheme
4) Income Declaration Scheme

16. Which of the following benefit given to the declarant who declares the undisclosed income under IDS 2016?
1) No Wealth Tax on assets declared.
2) No scrutiny or enquiry under Income-Tax Act in respect of declaration.
3) Immunity from prosecution under Income Tax in respect of declaration.
4) All of above are the benefits avail to the declarant.

17.Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 12 September 2016 approved the proposal of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) on enhancing the buffer stock for pulses up to ……..
1) 10 lakh tonnes 
2) 25 lakh tonnes
3) 20 lakh tonnes
4) 30 lakh tonnes

18. Which of the following statement is not one among the guidelines relating to new flexifund rules for states under Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS)?
1) Funds can be spent for local needs and requirements.
2) Funds can be used for pilot innovation to improve efficiency.
3) Prior permission of Finance commission compulsory.
4) Funds can be used to undertake mitigation or restoration activities in case of natural calamities.

19. Fresh guidelines for flexi-fund for CSS approved by Union Cabinet on 3 August 20016 based on the recommendation of the sub-group of Chief Ministers that was set up by ………
1) NITI Aayog
2) Finance Commission
3) Planning Commission

20. On 12 September 2016, Union Cabinet approved the creation of the Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA) to give a major push for creation of high quality infrastructure in premier educational institution with an authorized capital of …..
1) Rs.1000 crores
2) Rs.5000 crores
3) Rs.10 crores 
4) Rs.500 crores

21. HEFA is the joint venture of identified Promoter and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). Present HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar representing to Rajyasabha from ……..
1) Gujarat
2) Maharashtra
3) Madhya Pradesh 
4) UP

22. Durand Cup (football) 2016 clinched by Army Green defeating ……..
1) Sporting Clube de Goa
2) DSK Shivajians
3) Gangtok Himalayan SC

23. Who has won gold in the men’s javelin throw at Para Olympics 2016?
1) Naresh Sharma
2) Suyash Narayan
3) Devendra Jhajharia
4) Sundar Singh Gurjar

24. Mariyappan Thangavelu clinched gold medal in Para Olympics in ……..
1) Wheel chair Tennis
2) Swimming
3) High Jump 
4) Shot put

25. Deepa Malik created history by becoming the first ever Indian woman to win a silver
medal at the Paralympics on 12 September 2016. She belongs to which sport?
1) Tennis
2) Javelin Throw
3) 100 meters track
4) Shot put

26. Karen Karapetyan became new Prime minister of ……..
1) Armenia 
2) Azerbaijan
3) Latvia
4) Ukraine

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