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CBCS – Banking and Insurance Services – Business Environment


Objective: The objective of this paper is to create awareness about the Banking and Insurance services which are rendering service in India.

Unit —  I: Banks Definition, Function of Banking, Types of Banks Classification of Banks Safety – Liquidity- Profitability and Productibility, Reserve Bank of India Functions of RBI Credit Control. Regional Rural Bank Role of RRB-Nature Capital -organisation Function. -Co-operative Banks : State Co-operative Bank-District Central Co-operative Banks- Urban Co-operative Banks.

Unit —  II: Banking Services Commercial Banks -Functions -Accepting Deposits Lending of Funds, E-Banking, ATM Cards Debit Cards, Personal identification Number Online Enquiry and update facility- Electronic Fund Transfer-Electronic Clearing System.

Unit —  III: Insurance Definition- Nature and scope of Insurance Types of Insurance Life Insurance: Concepts and Nature -Types Life Insurance Products Certain and Uncertain Benefits Life insurance Contracts Settlement options -Taxation and Life Insurance Growth of Life Insurance in India Health Insurance Health Insurance Policies Types of Disability Insurance Coverage Group Life and Health Insurance.

UNIT-IV: General Insurance: Concept es Principles Insurance Coverage Fire insurance, Automobile Insurance and coverage Distribution Channels Insurance General Insurance in India Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) Act.

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