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SSC CGL TIER 1 – General Awareness Quiz

1. Which one of the following statements is correct?

A) Money Bill is introduced in Rajya Sabha.
B) Money Bill is introduced in Lok Sabha.
C) It can be introduced in either of the
Houses of the Parliament.
D) It cannot be introduced in Lok Sabha.
2. Some marine animals and insects emit light from their body in darkness. This phenomenon is known as ………
A) Phosphorescence 
B) Bioluminescence
C) Both (A) and (B) 

D) None of these

3.Who appoints the members of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)?
1) UPSC Chairman
2) President
3) Chief Justice of India
4) Prime Minister

4.Which is the capital city of Myanmar?
1) Phnom Penh
2) Wuhan
3) Naypyidaw
4) Arakan

5. Which of the following results on dividing national income by size of population?
A) Per capita income 
B) Subsistence level
C) Subsistence expenditure
D) Per capita production
6. Which of the following micro-organism does not contribute in soil development?
A) Bacteria 
B) Fungi
C) Protozoa 

D) Virus

7. A batsman, in his 12th innings, makes a score of 63 run’s and there by increased his average score by 2 runs. The average of his score after 12th innings is
A) 41 
B) 42 
C) 34 

D) 35

8. The report of Vijay Kelkar committee relates to ……..
A) Trade reforms
B) Centre – State financial relations
C) Disinvestment in public sector enterprises

D) Tax reforms

9. A motor boat can travel at 10 km/hr in still water. It travelled 91 km downstream in a river than returned to the same place, taking altogether 20 hours. Find the rate of flow of river.
A) 3 km/hr 
B) 4 km/hr
C) 2 km/hr 
D) 5 km/hr 

10. Where is Normandy beach located …………
A) France 
B) Netherlands
C) Spain 

D) Belgium

11. The average marks of two classes A and B is 74. The average marks of class A is 77.5
and that of class B is 70. The ratio of the number of students of class A and B is …..
A) 7 : 8 
B) 7 : 5 
C) 8 : 7 
D) 8 : 5
12. A passenger sitting in a train of a certain length, which is running with a speed of 60 km/hr passing through two bridges. He notices that he crossed the first bridge and second bridge in time intervals which are in the ratio of 7 : 4 respectively. If the length of the first bridge be 280 m, then the length of second bridge is –
A) 490 m 
B) 220 m
C) 160 m 
D) Can’t be determined

13. Four bells ring at intervals of 30 min, 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes and 1 hour 45 min respectively. All the bells ring simultaneously at 12 : 00 noon. Then they will again ring simultaneously at?
A) 12 : 00 mid night 
B) 3 : 00 a.m
C) 6 : 00 a.m 
D) 9 : 00 a.m
14. The minimum height of a plane mirror to see the full size image of a person is equal to ….
A) the height of the person
B) half the height of the person
C) one-fourth the height of the person
D) double the height of the person

15. A reduction of 10% in the price of tea enables a person to purchase 25 kg more tea for Rs.22,500. What is the reduced price per kg. of tea?
A) Rs.70 
B) Rs.80 
C) Rs.90 

D) Rs.100

16. NABARD is the name of a …….
A) Commercial Bank
B) Financial Institution
C) Specialised bank to help agriculture
D) Non-Banking Financial Institution

17. Eritrea, which became the 182 member of the UN in 1993, is in the continent of …….
A) Asia 
B) Africa 
C) Europe 
D) Australia
18. Acubic metre of copper weighing 9002 kilogram is rolled into a square bar 9 metres long. An exact cube is cut off from the bar how much does it weight?
A) 334 kg 
B) 336 kg
C) 313.3 kg 

D) Data insufficient

19.Which of the following gases is used for artificial ripening of fruits?
1) Methane
2) Acetylene
3) Propane
4) Benzene
20.In which session of the Indian National Congress “Purna Swaraj” was announced?
1) Bombay
2) Calcutta
3) Karachi
4) Lahore

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