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Scientific Inventions

Who invented the television?
– J.L.Baird

Who discovered the electric lamp?
– Edison

Who invented the steam engine?
– Newcommen (Later James Watt made improvements)

After whose name the Nobel Prize was started?
– Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite

Who discovered Penicillin?
– Alexander Fleming

Who discovered photoelectric effect?
– Albert Einstein

Who discovered insulin?
– Dr. F.G.Banting

Who discovered X-Ray?
– Roentgen

Who discovered blood grouping?
– Landsteiner

Who discovered neutron?
– Chadwick

Who invented transistor?
– Shockley

Who invented barometer?
– Torricelli

Who invented telephone?
– Alexander Graham Bell

Who invented the petrol engine?
– Nikolaus Otto

Who discovered the oral polio vaccine?
– Jonas  Salk

Who deciphered the genetic code?
– Dr. Hargobind Khurana got nobel prize for it.

Who invented the telegraphic code?
– Samuel Morse

Who discovered the laws of planetary motion?
– Johannes Kepler

Who invented the lift?
– E.G.Otis

Who invented radar?
– Robert Watson

Watt Name the scientist who is considered   as the Father of Genetics?
– Johann Gregor Mendel

Name the scientist who got Nobel Prize twice for the same subject?
-Marie Curie

Who invented the mercury thermometer?
– Galileo

Who discovered the noble gases?
– Cavendish

Who arranged the elements in the Modern Periodic Table?
– Mosley

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