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SSC CGL Tier 1 – General Awareness Quiz

1. Which stream is responsible for increasing the temperature of Western Europe?
A) Lebrador Stream
B) Gulf Stream
C) Canary Stream
D) North Equatorial Current

2. The main source of revenue for a State Government in India is ….
A) Sales tax
B) Excise duty
C) Income tax
D) Property tax

3. Who was the first woman to accept Buddhist religion?
A) Sanghmitra
B) Gautami
C) Yashodhara
D) Mahamaya

4. Who of the following was deeply interested in the establishment of local self government?
A) Lord Mountbatten
B) Lord Ripon
C) Lord Minto
D) Lord Curzon

5. Pituitary gland is situated in ….
A) The base of the heart
B) The base of the brain
C) The neck
D) The abdomen

6. Blood groups were discovered by …
A) Altman
B) Landsteiner
C) Losch
D) Ronald Ross

7. In which of the following states, the forests cover the largest area?
A) Karnataka
B) Madhya Pradesh
C) Gujarat
D) Assam

8. When was the battle of Plassey fought?
A) 1764
B) 1757 
C) 1857
D) 1942

9. Taj Mahal was built in the memory of ….
A) Noorjahan
B) Shahjahan
C) Mumtaz Mahal
D) Zeenat Mahal

10. The smallest organ of Panchayati Raj is …
A) Zila Parishad
B) Panchayat Samiti
C) Gram
D) Gram Panchayat

11. The only Union Territory which has a High Court of its own is ….
A) Delhi
B) Lakshadweep
C) Chandigarh
D) Daman and Diu

12. What is referred to as ‘Depository Services’?
A) A new scheme of fixed deposits
B) A method of regulating stock exchanges
C) An agency for safe-keeping of securities
D) An advisory service to investors

13. Holography is a technique of …..
A) Recording a permanent, sharp two dimensional black and white or multi colour photograph.
B) Recording a permanent three dimensional multi colour photograph.
C) Recording a permanent three dimensional black and white photograph.
D) Recording a permanent three dimensional photograph of a given single colour or a multi colour.

14. Anglo-Nubian is a breed of ….
A) Sheep
B) Goat 
C) Poultry
D) Cattle

15. The famous doctor and mathematician who is known as the father of modern medicinal science is considered of the following origin?
A) Greek
B) Arbir Muslim
C) Indian
D) Chinese

16. In which of the following states is India’s highest waterfall ‘Jog’ located?
A) Uttar Pradesh
B) West Bengal
C) Karnataka 
D) Maharashtra

17. Coolis tube is used to produce …
A) Radio waves
B) Micro waves
C) X-rays
D) Gama rays

18. What was the motive of the British behind starting Railways in India?
A) To promote the heavy industries in India
B) To facilitate British economic & administrative policies
C) To provide for cereals during a famine
D) So that Indians could freely roam around

19. Which of the following canals is situated in West Bengal?
A) Lower Ganga Canal
B) Sharda Canal
C) Eden Canal
D) Sarhind Canal

20. Where do the Eastern and Western Ghatsmeets?
A) The Mahadeo hills
B) Mount Abu
C) Mahabaleshwar
D) The Nilgiri hills

21. The book ‘Satanic Verses’ was written by…
A) Agatha Christie
B) Gunnar Myrdal
C) Gabriela Sabatini
D) Salman Rushdie

22. Multiplier process in economic theory is conventionally taken to mean ……
A) The manner in which prices increase
B) The manner in which banks create credit
C) Income of an economy grows on account of an initial investment
D) The manner in which government expenditure increases

23. In which country is Greenwich?
A) The United States of America
B) The United Kingdom
C) Holland
D) India

24. For how many days, can the president hold a bill?
A) 14 days
B) 20 days
C) 6 months
D) None

25. When does demand become ‘grant’?
A) When demand is proposed
B) After the discussion on demand is done
C) After the demand is accepted
D) After the end of the Budget session

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