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Model Questions for SSC CGL

1. Oval : Circle :: Rectangle : ?
A) Triangle
B) Square
C) Periphery
D) Pentagon

2. ? : Wrist :: Belt : Waist
A) Arm
B) Hand
C) Bend
D) Bracelet

3. Find the odd word/ letter/ number from the given alternatives.
A) 41-72 
B) 12-30
C) 42-51
D) 11-20

4. Find the odd word/ letter/ number from the given alternatives.
A) 222
B) 10
C) 68
D) 125

5. Find the odd word/ letter/ number from the given alternatives.
A) Phycology : Algae
B) Ornithology: Birds
C) Mycology: Fungi
D) Acoustic: Ear

6. Find the odd word/ letter/ number from the given alternatives.
A) Kennel
B) Stable
C) Lock 
D) Den

7. Number of letters skipped between adjacent letters if the series increases by one. Which of the following series observes this rule?

8. If the letters of the English alphabet are serially numbered, one of the answers  given below has a eaningful word hidden in it. Identify the answer.
A) 13, 8, 9, 17, 14, 22
B) 1, 12, 7, 5, 2, 18, 1
C) 1, 7, 5, 12, 18, 1
D) 4, 21, 7, 18, 13, 1

9. Some equations are solved on the basis of a certain system. Find the correct answer for the unsolved equation on that basis
5 × 8 = 28,
3 × 7 = 12,
8 × 6 = 35,
13 × 13 =?
A) 169
B) 130
C) 140
D) 144

10. Find the missing number/ letter (?) from the given options.
5, 11, 21, 43, 85, ?
A) 185
B) 170
C) 171 
D) 181

11. Find the missing number/ letter (?) from the given options.

12. A woman says, ”If you reverse my own age, the figures represent my husband’s age. He is, of course, senior to me and the difference between our ages is one-eleventh of their sum’. The woman’s age is
A) 23 years
B) 34 years
C) 45 years 
D) None of these

13. Which American President was a famous film/ T.V. star before he became the President?
A) J.F. Kennedy
B) Gerald R. Fond
C) Richard Nixon
D) Ronald Regan

14. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute is at ……..
A) Bangalore
B) Chhota Nagpur
C) Dehra Dun
D) Nagpur

15. Which Article of the Indian Constitution stipulates that Directive Principles of State Policy shall not be enforceable by any Court?
A) Article 31
B) Article 38
C) Article 37 
D) Article 39

16. Which Amendment Act is referred as mini constitution?
A) 7th Constitutional Amendment Act,1956
B) 24th Constitutional Amendment Act,1971
C) 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act,1976
D) 44th Constitutional Amendment Act,1978

17. The Southernmost Point of India is ….
A) Cape Comorin
B) Indira Col
C) Indira Point 
D) Port Blair

18. Which one is not a component to construct ‘Human Development Index in India’ under UNDP?
A) Real GDP per capita in US Dollar
B) Literacy Rate
C) Life Expectancy at Birth
D) Infant Morality Rate

19. The two famous brands of passenger car acquired by Tata Motors are ……
A) Ferari and Land Rover
B) Jaguar and Land Rover
C) Jaguar and Ferari
D) Ferari and Safari

20. What is the capital of Argentina?
A) Bogota
B) Harare
C) Cairo
D) Buenos Aires

21. Alcohol obtained in the saponification process is …..
A) Ethyl alcohol
B) Methyl alcohol
C) Wood spirit
D) Glycerol

22. At present who is the Palestinian leader among the following?
A) Yasser Arafat
B) Mahmud Abbas
C) Sharon
D) None of them

23. The walls of a music hall should ….
A) Transmit sound
B) Absorb sound
C) Reflect sound
D) Amplify sound

24. Who is the highest paid player in the IPL?
A) M.S. Dhoni
B) Virat Kohli
C) Sikhar Dhawan
D) Suresh Raina

25. Famous Battle of Ten Kings was fought on the …….
A) Ganges
B) Brahmputra
C) Kaveri
D) Parushni

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