Biology Objective Questions & Answers

1. Agents present in exhaled air
a) CO2, O2
b) O2 water vapour
c) CO2 water vapour 
d) water vapour

2. The predators which will be grown by the foresters to prevent the rabbits?
a) owls
b) foxes
c) badgers
d) all of these

3. Lungs are covered by pleura, then heart is covered by?
a) hyper cardium
b) pericardium
c) epi cardium
d) upper cardium

4 The chambers present in the human heart?
a) 2 auricles- 1ventrickle
b) 1 ventricle, 1 auticle
c) 2 auricles, 3 ventricles
d) 2 auruicles, 2 ventricles

5. The cells in vasular bundle are
a) xylem, protein
b) xylem, epithelia
c) such situation doesnot arise
d) to take care

6. Why plants shed their leaves
a) to blooming
b) unable to cope up with heat
c) to reduce the water loss
d) to grow and develop

7. some animals can’t eat some parts of the plants. Because
i) they do not have taste
ii) wasters are stored in them
iii) they have thorns
iv) animals not prefer them for food
a) a, b are false
b) c and d are true
c) c, d are false
d) a, b are true

8. Excessive repeated, dilute urination called
a) diabetes
b) diabetes insipidus
c) diabetes mellitus
d) hepatitis

9. Which of the following pigment is not formed in the liver.
a) bilirubin
b) biliverdin
c) urochrome
d) haemoglobin

10. Cassia and Acacia will be used in
a) varnishes
b) tannins of leathers
c) manufacture of rubber
d) manufacture of bio diesel

11. The failure of the kidney is called

12. Identify the pair which is not correct?
a) Thyroid-Thyroxin
b) Ovary – Oestrogen
c) Pancreas – Insulin
d) Adrenalin – Testosteron

13. Seperate the parts which do not from the synapse
i) axon
ii) dendrite
iii) nodes of ranvier
iv) nisselgranules
a) a, c
b) c, d
c) a, d
d) a, b

14. You sat in the cricket ground. Ball was coming towards you and you escaped from it immediately. Which type of reaction is this?
a) valuntary action
b) Involuntary action
c) reflex action
d) controlled action

15. The process in which the organisms produce their organisms
a) reproduction
b) respiration
c) endocrine gland
d) growth

16. Which of the following material changes in paramoecium in conjugation
a) protoplasm
b) nucleic material
c) sap of vacuoles
d) chromatin material

17. Which of the following reproduce through leaves?
a) Bryophyllum
b) Rose
c) Watermelon
d) Marigold

18. Which of the following is not concerned with stored bread mould?
a) blackish material forms on the bread
b) formed fungi is Rhizopus
c) the fungi Rhizopus keeps the bread fresh
d) Spores are formed in Rhizopus

19. Which of the following reproduce through spores?
i) Mucor
ii) Bacteria
iii) Rhizopus
iv) Fern
a) i only
b) ii, iii, iv only
c) ii, iii only
d) all

20. Which of the following gland belongs to male reproductive system?
a) salivary gland
b) sebacious gland
c) gastro enteron
d) cowper gland

21. Reverse peristalsis is seen in
a) tiger
b) squir
c) cow
d) cat

22. Insectivores feed on aphids grasshopper. we can represent the statement through one of the following
a) food levels
b) food chain
c) Trophic level
d) food web

23. Rotation of crops genetic strains, sterility are the methods to prevent the peets
a) bio-accumulation
b) bio-magnification
c) bio-pollution
d) bio-logical control

24. The fossil fuels are
a) Coal
b) Petroleum
c) Natural gas
d) All the above

25. Drip irrigation can reduce water consumption by
a) 50 %
b) 20%
c) 2%
d) 70%

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