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How to Create Curriculum Vitae in MS-WORD

Curriculum Vitae

Create two pages of Curriculum Vitae of an MCA graduate with the following specifications.
a) Table to show Qualifications with proper headings
b)Appropriate left and right margins
c)Format half page using two column approach about your self

Aim: To create a Curriculum Vita e of an MCA graduate.

1. Open a Blank MS-Word document.
2.Type the name, address, Phone number, Email-ID of the graduate
3.Type Father’s name, date of birth.
4. Insert a table for understanding and entering qualifications as follows.
5.Draw a table with draw table tool or from table tool avilable un Insert Tab. Click Insert Table
6. Select Insert Footers and type the page numbers in footers.
7. Save the document through Quick Access Tool bar Save or Ctrl Save.
8 Exit the MS Word on clicking Office Button exit or Alt+F EXERCISE-5

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