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What is the Importance of Pollution Under Control Certificate

One day I went to Bazaar on Motor bike. A traffic constable stopped me and asked me to show your driving license and other documents. I showed the driving license and other documents. Then the constable asked me to show the certificate of pollution check. I did not know what it was. The traffic constable fined me and asked me to go to any certified pollution check centre for pollution under control certificate or the pollution check certificate.
I went to the pollution check up centre. There the emissions from my motor bike was checked and a pollution under control certificate was issued with details of amount of pollutants in the emissions.
In the evening when I returned home, and I wanted to see the pollution under control certificate.
I Observe that certificate and try to find out answers for the following questions:
  • 1. Which department issues the pollution under control certificate?
  • 2. For how much time is it valid?
  • 3. For which type of vehicle has it been issued?
  • 4. What is emission test? What components are tested in the pollution check up center?
  • 5. What will happen if Carbon monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC) readings are higher than the permissible limits reading?

With a rapid increase in the number of vehicles, the problem of automobile pollution has assumed greater significance.
Since the emission of smoke from motor vehicles is a major source of air pollution, specific standards for the permissible limits for such emission have been prescribed in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.
All vehicles which are in operation for more than a year should undergo emission tests every six months to obtain the certificate of pollution under control. The word pollution might not be new for us. Our elders talk about the blue sky, clean water and fresh air that was available in their times.
Now the media regularly reports on the falling quality of the environment. We ourselves feel the impact of the air and water pollution in our lives. Number of people suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, for example lung cancer, Asthma are steadily rising.
If we do not control pollution clean air and water may no longer be available! You have learnt about the importance of air and water in earlier classes. Now, we will study about the harmful changes taking place in our surroundings and their effects on our lives.

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