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What is Fluorosis ? How to caused by Fluorosis

<——  Look at this picture. 
Do you know how and why is he looking so?
Yes, he is suffering from a dangerous disease called fluorosis, which is caused by intake of fluorinated food and water. Most of the places in Nalgonda, Prakasham, Medak, Khammam and Nellore districts of our state are affected by fluorosis.
Fluorosis is a disease caused by excessive ingestion of fluoride through water and food. The upper limit of optimum fluoride level in drinking water for a tropical country like India is 0.5 PPM or 0.5 Mg/l. It is the total daily intake through water and food that determines the development of fluorosis.
Endemic skeletal fluorosis was identified in Podili, Darsi and Kanigiri areas of Andhra Pradesh in 1937. 
Yellareddyguda, Naibai and Yedavalli villages of Nalgonda district are known to have a very high (2.0 to 7.5ppm) incidence of fluorosis. Fluoride in take came from food Fluorosis diseases are of four forms dental, genu valgum, skeletal and neurological. Low endemicity is those villages, which have only cases of dental fluorosis. In addition if there are cases of Genu valgum, Skeletal and Crippling .

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