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What is the Nature of Science

Meaning of Science: According to Gagne “Science can be defined in terms of what scientists do, and is the process by which we increase and refine understanding of our selves and the universe through continuous observation, experimentation, application and verification”.
According to the Columbia dictionary “Science is an accumulated and systematized learning in general usage restricted to natural phenomenon.
Nature of Science: Philosophers, scientists, theologians and others have attempted for ages to describe the nature of science. J B. conant has widely described the nature of science in the following words: Science emerges from the progressive activities of man to the extent that new concepts arise from experiments and observations and the new concepts in turn lead to further experiments and observations The dynamic quality of science viewed not as a practical understanding but as the development of conceptual schemes seems to be the best way to explain the nature of science. By conceptual schemes is meant a big idea, a system of facts, principles, concepts which can be organized into a sound learning sequence from simple to complex.
Nature of science includes not only concepts or content but also the methodologies that are use to find out these concepts.

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