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How to Make Video Calls with Skype

Making Calls with Skype
Are you ready to talk? Now that you have Skype set up on your computer, it’s time to make your first call. It’s easier than you might think. 
To start, you need at least one contact. Go back to Lesson 3’s Adding Contacts if you need help finding or adding people you know. Next, you should make a test call to make sure the person on the other end will be able to hear you. After that, you’ll be ready to take advantage of all of Skype’s calling services, from the free to the paid. 
To make a test call:
There’s an easy way to test your voice call settings and equipment before you call anyone on Skype. It’s through a special contact (actually an automated service that mimics a phone call) named Skype Test Call or Echo/Sound Test Service. The contact is already on your contacts list.
Before you begin, make sure of the following:
You’re connected to the Internet,Your volume is turned up,Your speakers and microphone are plugged in, if they’re not already built in to your computer Open the Skype window and sign in.On the Contacts tab, and click the contact named Skype Test Call or Echo/Sound Test Service.The contact’s information will open in a pane on the right.Click the Call button.The call window will open, and the test call will begin.Follow the operator’s instructions to record an audio sample, then wait for it to be played back to you.The test call will hang up when you’re done.

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