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Why Women Makeup are Prestigious

Men think women with make up are ‘prestigious’
Women who put on make-up are considered more “prestigious” by men, while ladies think females who wear make-up are more dominant a new study has found.
The research is the first to report on how males and females differently perceive women who wear make-up. Researchers found that make-up changes perceptions of status depending on who is making the judgement males or females. While both sexes agree that women with make-up look more attractive when it comes to high status, it really depends on who is looking, said Viktoria Mileva from University of Stirling in the UK. Men think women with make-up are more “prestigious, while women think women with make-up are more dominant, said Mileva.
Researchers suggest that high status can be obtained through two main routes. Either you are dominant, which means you are happy using forcefulness or manipulation to make people follow you. Alternatively, you can gain high status by prestige; by having positive merits and qualities that make other want to follow you, they said. The findings were published in the journal Perception
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