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What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Mail

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of E-mail

E-mail is one of the most popular services available through the internet. In the early days of the internet E-mail emerged as an inexpensive and efficient means of communication between researchers, scientists, people in high teach jobs, and those in academia. The words inexpensive and efficient are used here in relation to a telephone call. E-mail is a lot less expensive than telephone call and nearly as fast and like postal mail. A message can easily be printed to provide concrete documentation of the correspondent. The user point of view, sending 100 pages document requires no more effort or cost than sending a one-page document.

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Both documents will typically have the same delivery time So E-mail clients are programs that are used to manage, read and compose e-mail. These programs have become very sophisticated in the last few years.

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This has made using e-mail much easier and more efficient. A few popular mail clients are Elm, Eudora, mail, tool, mailx, Microsoft Exchange, and Pine Many Internet Service Provides (ISPs) provides their own mail clients. (s mail or s-mail nothing but a postal mail). Now we are using the word S- mail.

E-mail began as a system in which an individual user could send a plain text message via the internet to the user. E-mail has grown in ways that no one predicated


  • (1) Convenience Sending a memo or short note is easy. A message can be informal or formal. No need of post office, no need to search for stationary and stamps.
  • (2) Speed mail is fast based on the speed of the under lying communication network.
  • (3) Inexpensive Once you are in online, the cost of sending a message is small.
  • (4) Printable A hard copy is easy to obtain.
  • (5) Reliable Although messages are occasionally lost, that is rare. Many mail systems will notify the sender if an e-mail message was undeliverable.
  • (6) Globol Ever increasingly, people and business all over the world are using e-mail.
  • (7) Generality E-mail is not limited to text. It allows the transfer of graphics, programs and even so

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