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What are the Duties of The Teacher ?

What are the Duties of the Teacher in Class Room ?

Duties of the Teacher: Every teacher has to perform a number functions. The important duties of a teacher are:

1. Teaching: The teacher’s main duty is of teaching the children. This duty is done by him in the class room situation in a very formal way
He will be able to do his duty more efficiently only if he has mastery over his subject. He must have good interest in it. All his efforts should be to make his teaching more and more and successful. He should have the latest information on the subject. He should also have sufficient knowledge of the allied subjects. This makes him a better teacher.

2. Organizing: Teacher’s duty does not end up with his class room teaching. He is part of school life. He should be a good organizer in assigning the duties to his students. The teacher is also required to share all this with Head master, organizing some co-curricular activities, organizing and celebration of school function

3. Supervising: Every teacher is a teacher, an organizer and a supervisor too, In this capacity, he is expected to supervise the work assigned to him by the Headmaster. He is required to supervise the attendance of the pupil, their day-to-day’s work, checking the home task to the students, supervising games activity of which he is made them in charge by the Headmaster.

4. Examining and Evaluating : Examining and Evaluating  testing, or evaluating the learner is another important duty of the teacher.

5. Recording: Maintain the record of work also the duty of the teacher, daily of the students, marks obtained by the students in different tests .

6. Guidance: The teacher is a sort of guide for the students in all matters. He is to act as a father, a brother, a guide, a path shower to the students. For the selection of subjects, selection of a career etc. He should also try to understand the feelings of the students.

7. Establishing Relations: Establishment of relations with the community through the student’s community is badly needed.
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