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Tips for Cleaning Other Computer Surfaces – Computer Problems and Solutions

Tips for Cleaning Other Computer Surfaces
From time to time, you should clean your computer case and the sides and back of the monitor to avoid buildup of dust and dirt. Here are a few tips you can use when cleaning these surfaces.
Dust is your computer’s main enemy. Use an antistatic wipe to lightly dust your computer casing. Don’t use furniture cleaners or strong solvents.Use a can of compressed air with a narrow nozzle to blow out debris from the air intake slots.Spray cleaning solution—like diluted ammonia cleaner or glass cleaner—on a paper towel or antistatic wipe. Clean the monitor housing and case—not the monitor screen—by wiping in a downward motion.A safe cleaning solution for computer surfaces—not computer screens—is ammonia diluted with water or glass cleaner comprised mostly of ammonia and water (check the label). The milder the solution, the better.

Keep it cool
Don’t restrict airflow around your computer. A computer can generate a lot of heat, so the casing has fans that keep it from overheating. Avoid stacking papers, books, and other items around your computer.
Many computer desks have an enclosed compartment for the computer case. If you have this type of desk, you may want to position the case so it is not against the back side of the desk. If the compartment has a door, you may want to leave it open to improve airflow.
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