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Eat Mushrooms Two or Four Times per Week – Health Tips in Telugu

Mushrooms, mixed the blood of our body fat, blood plays a key role in clarifying.
Can not afford the nutrients from vegetables and mushrooms are available.
Mushroom “D” will be rich.
Should take two or four times a week, so the mushrooms.
Mushroom lentisain (lentysine), eritadenin (eritadenin) incorporated in the blood are fat soluble.
Apart from being moved to other parts of saturated fat in our bodies is to prevent harm.
Reduces body fat content and unnecessary.
And high-blood pressure, heart disease and also focuses on the check.
One hundred grams of mushrooms 447 mg of potassium, sodium, 9 mg are.
The women, pregnancy-related ailments, aches and pains in the knee can check.
Breast cancer in women taking daily control mushroom soup.

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