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What is Important of Water in Human Life – Water Importance

What is Important of Water in Human Life

The properties are the reason for its unique power to maintain biological life on earth. The ancient Indians felt that the was an Elixir of life; a drop would make one immortal. But the real Elixir of life is the plain water. it is the commonest of all liquids. Its absence makes the environment dry and lifeless, but its presence makes the most fertile and full of life. The practical example for this is the Libyan Desert on one side and the valley of the Nile on the other. I’or all practical reasons the water is the most potent and wonderful thing on the earth. Water played a major role in shaping the earth’s history.

Water adds beauty to the countryside. A stream of water or a pond or a tank, is a thing of beauty The south Indian tanks filled with rain water are a pleasant sight to watch. These tanks play a vital role in the agriculture there. The sunrise or sunset over these tanks is a spectacular sight. i herefore water in a landscape is compared to the eyes of a man. It reflects the mood of the hour. When the sun shines, the water is glitiering and where there are clouds in the sky, the water is dull.
Water carries silt or fertile soil and takes its colour. Thus flow of water plays a significant role in the formation of earth’s surface. But if unchecked, it carries away the silt and spoils the agriculture. Arter all, water is the basis of life of plants and animals. The conservation and utilization of water is fundanental for human welfare. This precious fluid is lost if it is not controlled. Water plays a beneficent role in farming soil which makes the land fertile. On the of the, hand, under diiferent condi ions, water can play a destructive role and washes away the soil. This is called soil erosion. It is a serious problem in a country like India. Soil erosion occurs gradually. The speeding water cuts up deep gullies and hallows making agriculture impossible. Sudden fall of heavy rains resulting in a large run of surplus water is primarily responsible for soil erosion. Large quantities of precious fertile soil can be washed away in the way. This menace is present in many parts of India requiring urgent preventive measures.

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