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What is Ms-Word? Explain about the Parts of the Ms-Word Window?

What is Ms-Word? Explain about the Parts of the Ms-Word Window?
Microsoft Word is a software program (package) designed by Microsoft Corporation USA for word processing application. It is one of the most popular word processor in the world for the window platform on IBM and compatible PC. Also it is the first application of Microsoft office and it is very flexible and easy to learn and use. It helps to type, edit, store, check spelling and print document. Word is used to prepare letters, mailing lists, memos, producing reports, etc. word file is having an extension of doc

Starting Ms-Word
1. Click on start button select All programs DSelect Ms-office select Ms-Word.
2. To start Word using a word shortcut icon.

Parts of the Ms Word Window
The opening screen of the word window is also called as main window of the word.
The parts of the window are as follows:

1. Title Bar: The title bar is always visible at the top of the screen as long as the monitor is turned on. It lists the name of the application. It also displays the name of the current open document. And at the right hand side of the title bar contains the three control buttons Minimize, Maximize / Restore and Exit.

2. Menu bar: The next line displayed below the title bar is called menu bar. The menu bar contains several menu items such as File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Tables, Windows, and Help. It is called a menu bar because it holds a bunch of menus. We can select these options with a mouse or using keys example Alt+F to open File menu.

3. Toolbar: A Toolbar contains buttons with graphics that represents the corresponding commands. A toolbar having Standard and formatting toolbars. The standard toolbar contains buttons for performing tasks like saving, opening and printing and so on. The formatting toolbar contains buttons for performing formatting tasks like changing font, size and adding boldface, italic, underline etc. The vertical and horizontal rulers show where the text is on the page. The

4. Rulers :  horizontal ruler is used to set and display tabs, to set paragraph indents, to change page margins and columns widths. The vertical ruler is used to adjust top and bottom page margins and row height in tables.

5. Text area: This is the area where we can work to prepare documents here we can insert, delete, modify and edit text in preparing documents. We can also called as working area.

6. Scrollbars: The horizontal and vertical scrollbars helps you to view other part of the document when your document cannot be displayed completely in the text area.

7. View buttons: These buttons are used to switch from one view to another view. These are placed at the bottom left of the screen, in the horizontal scrollbar. We can quickly change view there are four types of views: Normal, web layout, print layout or outline views

8. Status Bar: The last line of the window is called the status bar. The status bar tells you about the current status of the insertion point cursor and other items. The left section informs you the current page numbers and the total number of pages. The middle section tells you the location of the cursor and the right section tell you whether some special features are turn on like REC, TRK, EXT and OVR.
  • 1. Creating a blank document.
  • 2. Saving a document.
  • 3. Closing a document.
  • 4. Exiting from word.
  • 5. Reopening an existing document.
  • 6. Editing a document.
  • 7. Printing a Document.

1. Creating a blank document : we can create a blank document by following the given steps
  • 1 Select the File Menu and select New button.
  • 2. A dialog window appears with options Blank document
  • 3, Select blank document to create a document as blank document Or We can use shortcut key Ctrl+N to create a blank document.

2. Saving a document: To save a document we need to name the document. We can save a document by following the steps:
  • 1. Select the File menu and select save button
  • 2 Choose the location where we can store the document. Type a name to save the document.
  • 3. Click Save Button to save the document with a given name at a particular location.

We can save the same document with another name by using save as options. Follow the
steps to save a document with another name,
  • 1. Select the File menu and select Save As button.
  • 2. Choose the location where we can store the document. Type a name to save the document.
  • 3. Click Save As Button to save the document with a given name at a particular location

3. Closing a document: After performing all operations on the document then we need to save it with a name and we can close the document by following the below steps:
  • 1. Select the File menu and select close, We can close the current document.

4. Exiting from word: we can exit from the word when we want to close the application then we need to select Exit option from File menu.
5. Reopening an Existing Document; we can reopen an existing document by following the steps
  • 1. Select the File menu and select Open.
  • 2. Select the File name from where it is stored.
  • 3. Click open button.

6. Editing a document:  when we create a document we can make some modifications by editing a document like inserting text, deleting text, modifying text with in the document.
  • 1. Add or Delete Text or characters: we can add text to a document at any time at any where just by typing text or just copy form the other document we can use shortcut key Ctrl+x for cut and Ctrl+V for paste and ctrl+C for copy the text at relevant position. We can delete text or characters by pressing Del button, or we can use backspace to delete characters are text.

7. Printing a Document : we can print a document by selecting File menu and select Print option from the File menu, or we can use shortcut key Ctrl+P to print the document. Before printing a document we need to set the page setup and to check the print preview.

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