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What are the Components of Ms-Office?

Ms-Office (Ms-Word)

What are the components of Ms-Office?
Microsoft office contains eight application programs.

1. Microsoft Word :: Microsoft Word is the most popular general purpose word processor and desktop publishing tool. We can create memos, reports, newsletters, mailings and customized web pages.

2. Microsoft Excel: Microsoft Excel is used to perform calculations and data analysis. This is an electronic spread sheet used to perform data analysis, charting and analytical functions. We can able to build invoices, order tracking worksheets, general accounting ledgers. database lists, pivot tables and colorful 3-D charts.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint: Power point is the graphics software for slide overhead projector and multimedia presentations. Power point can be used to create slides for a sales presentations, speech notes, multimedia demos and etc.

4. Microsoft Access: Access is a relational database management system that has query, reporting and mailing list management features. Here we can store data, retrieved data when we required. We can manage customers data, contact lists etc.

5. Microsoft Outlook: This is information management software for electronic mail, document management, calendars scheduling, meeting planning and resource management. We can send and receive internet mail containing attachments, schedule our daily appointments and plan meetings.

6. Microsoft Publisher: Publisher is desktop publishing software for newsletters, brochures, web sites, postcards, letterheads and more. With publisher we can design greeting cards, visiting cards, letterheads. Banners and design pre-designed art work.

7. Microsoft Front Page: This is a general purpose web page editor. We can design and display web pages for the Internet.

8. Microsoft Photo Draw: This is a powerful graphics program for creating, editing and customizing electronic photos, illustrations graphics. We can crop and resize digital photograph scanned images and apply graphics effects and apply color adjustments and add special effects.

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