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HIV – AIDS A Deadly Disease – English Short Essays


AIDs is a killer disease. There is no cure for this. Everyday a large number of people are becoming the victims of the disease. If uncontrolled, it may wipe out a large portion of mankind.
AIDS means Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. The HIV (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus) causes it. The virus destroys the white cells of man. The resistance system of the body breaks down. Even a small infection can cause death.
The virus lives in the lymph nodes of man. Transmission of the virus is through sexual contact. Blood transfusion can also be a source of infection. It can pass from an infected mother to her child.
AIDS is detected through two types of tests. One is the ELISA Test. Western blot test is used to confirm the cases. There is no drug that can cure a patient of AIDS. Of late a combination of pills is made which can prolong the life of a patient. AIDS cases are increasing in the under developed and the developing countries. India has a large number of patients.
Many more cases are undetected. The government is educating people about this killer disease. People are advised to use safe needles while having injections. They should not have extra-marital relations. AIDS can only be prevented. It cannot be cured. As such people should be careful in their life-style.
Hospitals should provide blood to patients which is free from HIV infection. Such safety measures can control the spread of the disease.

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