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Classification of Computers

Classification of Computers

Classification of Computers :- Computers can be classified as follows.
  • a) Micro Computers
  • b) Mini Computers
  • c) Mainframe Computers
  • d) Super Computers

a) Micro Computers
The most familiar kind of computer is the microcomputer. A computer designed using a microprocessor as its CPU is called a microcomputer. It includes components likely microprocessor, memory, input and output A microcomputer is the smallest and least expensive general purpose processing system. We can define microcomputer that we can pick up and carry. It performs all arithmetic and logical functions of a computer and these two are integrated on a single integrated chip called a microprocessor These computers are used in payroll preparation of employees, training of students in schools, etc…

b) Mini computers:- 
Mini computers are larger and more powerful than minicomputers and are also more expensive These computers we cannot pick up and carry it. They have a larger memory capacity and can process data more quickly. The processing speed of a computer is often measured in terms of “MIPS” Millions of Instructions Per Second These computes are used in bank accounts processing railway reservation etc…

c) Mainframe Computers
Computers with large storage capabilities and very high speed of processing are known as “Mainframe Computers
The earliest computers were called mainframes due to larger size and occupy entire room. The hard disk capacity lies in very high. Mainframe computers are used in scientific researches and big organizations like BHEL, ONGc etc…

d) Super Computers Super computers are largest and fastest computers, generally used for more complex scientific applications. Their processing speed lies in the range of 400 to 10,000 MIPs. These computers perform billions of operations per second. Super computes are used by government agencies weather forecasting
oil exploration weapons, research rocketing and aerodynamics.

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