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The BIG BANG is the Beginning of the Universe

There was, of course, no bang big or small because a tiny proportion of matter. As the universe cooled there was no medium in which sound could exist from its enormous levels of energy, subatomic It was the beginning of time, space, matter, energy, particles assembled it was not for another 380000 everything-all inexplicably created out of a years that temperatures fell sufficiently for electrons singularity” in which none of these existed before. and protons to come together to form atoms n the 1960s, 

Scientists detected the echo of the Big Vast clouds of hydrogen collected, cohering into Bang in the form of background radiation from across ever denser masses that compacted under the orce the sky Impressively, they have produced at theoretical of gravity until hydrogen atoms at the center fused explanation of what must have happened in the very into helium, releasing energy that made them burn first second of the universe. 

When the universe was as stars. When some of these exploded into still tiny and incredibly hot, a sudden expansion supernovae, heavier atoms were made, which formed occurred as matter moved from the minute quantum the raw materials for the universe as we know it.

Scale to that of a small but growing cosmos vast The theory of the Big was forward in Bang put amounts of matter and antimatter were created, the 1950s, and it is still the unchallenged scientific almost all of which mutually annihilated, leaving just explanation of the origins of the universe.

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