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General Science Questions and Answers – General Science Quiz

Australia is one of seven continents. True or false? true Which is heavier: a quart of milk or a gallon of milk? 

Answer :  a gallon 
What are the units of measurement on a thermometer called? 
Answer :  degrees

What do we call a scientist who studies the formation of the earth?
Answer :  a geologist
Which blood cells carry oxygen: red or white? 
Answer :  Red
Which are not part of the respiratory system: ventricles or bronchioles? 
Answer :  ventricles (parts of the heart)
Which one is NOT a mollusk: clam, oyster, scallop, starfish? 
Answer :  starfish (an echinoderm)
What do birds use to fly? 
Answer :  their wings 
What happens when drops of water get too heavy for a cloud to hold them? 
Answer :  it rains 
What instrument sets and controls the temperature in a room? 
Answer :  a thermostat 
What part of the sweet potato do we eat? 
Answer :  the root
What part of the sweet potato do we eat? 
Answer :  the root
Which is a cardiovascular exercise: jumping rope or lifting weights? 
Answer :  Jumping Rope

What do you call a beam of light so powerful it can cut through metal? 
Answer :  a laser beam
What does a fire need to keep it going? 
Answer :  oxygen
Which food comes from an animal: eggs or toast? 
Answer :  eggs (from chickens) 
What is the first part of a plant to grow from the seed? 
Answer :  the root 
Which type of computer uses batteries: a laptop or a desktop? 
Answer :  a laptop
What living things absorb carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen? 
Answer :  Green Plants
Where is the air pressure greater: at the bottom or the top of a mountain? 
Answer :  The Bottom
Which person studies planets, stars, moons and comets: a biochemist or an astrophysicist? 
Answer :  an astrophysicist
What do you call the branch of science that deals with the design, construction and operation of robots? 
Answer :  robotic

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