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General Science Questions and Answers Quiz

Do oceans have fresh water or salt water?
Answer ::   salt water

What is the common group name for feathered animals?
Answer ::    birds
Does matter expand in the heat or in the cold?
Answer ::    in the heat (Matter contracts in the cold.)
Is the asteroid belt located between the paths of Earth and Mars or Mars and Jupiter?
Answer ::    Mars and Jupiter
What natural phenomenon creates sand dunes?
Answer ::    wind
Which cells receive and carry messages in your body: nerve cells or muscle cells?
Answer ::     nerve cells
Which atomic particles have a negative electric charge: neutrons, protons or electrons?
Answer ::    electrons

What is the shortest month of the year?
Answer ::    February
What part of a plant carries water to its leaves?
Answer ::    the stem
What do you call a mass of ice that floats in the ocean?
Answer ::     an iceberg
Which member of a bee colony is the only one that lays eggs?
Answer ::    the queen bee
What color does litmus paper turn when it’s dipped in a base solution?
Answer ::    Blue
Which is not a carnivore: a lion, a bull, a wolf or a tiger?
Answer ::     a bull (It’s an herbivore.)
Which are formed from two separate eggs: identical twins or fraternal twins?
Answer ::     fraternal twins
What’s the name for the doctor who takes care of your teeth?
Answer ::    a dentist
What metal tool can you use to pick up paper clips?
Answer ::    a magnet
What force makes your hands feel warm when you rub them together?
Answer ::    friction
What do we call a large group of fish swimming together?
Answer ::    a school
Which are a plant’s flowers: beets, broccoli or lima beans?
Answer ::    Broccoli
What do you call the large spacecraft that orbits the earth and is home to visiting astronauts from many countries?
Answer ::     The International Space Station
Earth spins on an axis. Is an axis a real or imaginary line?
Answer ::     imaginary

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