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Brain Challenge Science Questions and Answers

Which animal eats meat: a lion or a rabbit?
Answer  ::  A Lion

The sun revolves around the earth. True or false?
Answer  ::  False (The earth revolves around the sun.)

Is the air around the earth called the hemisphere or the atmosphere?
Answer  ::  The Atmosphere

Which spreads out to fill any container that holds it: a liquid, a solid or a gas?
Answer  ::  A Gas

The earth is composed of a core, a mantle and a . . . what?
Answer  ::  A Crust

Which British naturalist wrote The Origin of Species?
Answer  ::  Charles Darwin

What do you call the arrangement of elements started by Mendeleyev?
Answer  ::  The  Periodic Table

What is the shape of the earth?
Answer  ::  It is Round (or Spherical)

Which flower has thorns: a rose, a tulip or a geranium?
Answer  ::  A Rose

What do you call the top of an ocean wave?
Answer  ::  The Crest

What do you call an animal that eats only plants?
Answer  ::  An Herbivore

Which is the largest part of the brain: the cerebrum or the cerebellum?
Answer  ::  The Cerebrum

Which are the smallest parts of elements: cells or atoms?
Answer  ::  Atoms

Which is not an insect: a fly, an ant, a millipede or a beetle?
Answer  ::  A Millipede (Insects have no more than six legs.)

What will a fawn grow up to be?
Answer  ::  A Deer

What part of the body pumps blood to every other part?
Answer  ::  The Heart

Which can make its own food: an animal or a plant?
Answer  ::  A Plant

Do computers get colds or viruses?
Answer  ::  Viruses

In what part of a flower are egg cells formed?
Answer  ::  The Pistil

How many degrees does the earth turn in 24 hours?
Answer  ::  360 Degrees

Name the three types of rock.?
Answer  ::  Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic

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