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How to Deal with email Attachments

How to Deal with email Attachments

Dealing with email attachments
Email attachments are especially dangerous because they can contain viruses and other malware. When you open the attachment, the malware can be automatically installed on your computer, and you may not even realize that anything has happened. Malware can damage files on your computer, steal your passwords, or spy on you, so it’s important to be extra careful when you receive attachments.

Tips for dealing with attachments:

Don’t open any attachment that you weren’t expecting. Even if an email looks like it’s from someone you know, it may have been automatically sent to you by a virus.

That’s how many email viruses spread. If you receive an attachment from a friend, you should call or email that person to verify that the email was meant for you.

Keep your antivirus software updated. Viruses can spread quickly, and if your antivirus software isn’t up-to-date it may not be able to block new viruses.

Keep your computer’s firewall on. Firewall software helps to prevent people or malware from gaining access to your computer through the Internet.

Scan attachments for viruses before downloading. Many online email providers can scan attachments for viruses, and some will not let you download any attachment without scanning it.

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