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RRB 22nd April (First Shift) Exam Analysis

What is blue Ray Disc?
A. Storage device.

How Much Rank of Mukesh Ambani in World Richest Persons List?
A. 36 Rank

Gold is Soluble in?
A. Aqua regia.

The International Renewable Energy Egency Headquarters is located at Which Place?
A. Abu Dhabi.

Who Arjun Award in Kabaddi in 2015 Winner?
A. Manjeet chiller.

Among the following which is not a Board Game?
A. Bridge.

Cricket world Cup is Conducted by Whom?
A. ICC- International Cricket Council

Who won the gold medal in Asian awards First Indian Women?
A. Marycom.

Who is the first Indian to go into the space?
A. Rakesh sharma.

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