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Improve Your General Knowledge Questions with Answers

Improve Your General Knowledge Questions with Answers

1.  Amarya Sen, the NRI Nobel laureate got the honour for which work?

2. Where did India made her debut in Olympic football?

3. Which plant is used for green manuring in India?

4. Which city is known as the ‘Manchester of South India’?

5.  The Government of India has decided to declare river as ‘National River’?

6. What does the Preamble of our Constitution contin?

7. Which energy of the electron at absolute zero is called?

8. What is an essential attribute of inflation?

9. Which city is known for silk wearing industry?

10. Which Rajputa king defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time?

11.  Where were first Olympic Games held?

12. What is the characteristic odour of garlic?

13. The source of India’s sovereignty lies in which thing?

14. What can be the maximum duration of totality for a solar eclipse?

15.  Which region of India was ruled by Sultan Zainul Abidin ?

16. Which is the vitamin that is most readily manufactured in our bodies?

17.  The celebrated novel ‘The Godfather’ was authored by which author?

18. What is the best means of saving during inflation?

19. What is the total surface area of earth?

20. Sirajuddaulah was defeated by Lord Clive in which battle?
Answers :
1. Poverty and famines
2. London in 1948
3. Sunhemp
4. Coimbatore
5. Ganga
6. The spirit of the Constitution 
7. Fermi energy 
8. Increase in prices
9. Kanchepuram
10. Prithviraj III
11. 776 B.C.
12.  A  sulphur compound
13. Preamble to the Constitution 
14. 7 minutes 40 seconds 
15. Kashmir
16. Vitamin D
17. Mario Puzo
18. Money 
19. 510 million sq km
20. Plassey

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