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How to Choose an Antivirus Software

How to Choose an Antivirus Software కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం
How to choose an antivirus software
Now that you have assessed your needs and determined whether you want a stand-alone product or a security suite, you can begin the process of choosing an antivirus software. Follow these steps before buying your software:
Research Reviews:Research independent reviews of antivirus software from the current year. Go to reputable sites like CNET and TopTenReviews for expert opinions. Compare several reviews to get a good idea of which products are repeatedly recommended.Check features: A good antivirus software should offer real-time protection(meaning that it’s always on) and auto-update regularly to guard against new viruses. It should have a heuristics analysis component, which detects and neutralizes previously unknown viruses, and anon-demand scanner which can be initiated by the user to find malicious programs.

Determine ease of use:Investigate how easy a product is to set up and use. Go to the product website and look forscreenshotsvideos, andinstallation guides; these will give you a good idea of how user-friendly the software is.Review technical support:Make sure the product you are considering has multiple options for support, including emailand a toll-free help line.

Try a free evaluation:Download a free trial version of the software you are interested in, and try it out. The best demos should provide a full version of the software. Do not download more than one trial version at a time, as they may interfere with each other.
Strategies for using antivirus software

The most important thing to remember is that new viruses are being introduced on a constant basis; therefore, your antivirus software is only as good as the latest update. Follow these strategies to make sure you are using your antivirus software effectively:

Make sure the automatic update function is turned on.Don’t ignore your renewal notices. Once your subscription expires, you will stop receiving updates.There may be times when you need to disable your antivirus to allow certain programs, upgrades, or downloads. Just make sure you don’t forget to re-enable your program when finished.Your antivirus should give you specific instructions for dealing with difficult problems, but if you are having trouble with an issuecontact technical support.If you are unhappy with an antivirus program, make sure you uninstall it before installing a new product.

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