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RRB Exam Analysis 11th April 2016(First Shift)

1) With whose help, Bill Gates started his business?
Ans .Paul Allen
2) In 2015, Commonwealth games held at?
Ans. Apia, the capital of Samoa.

3) Inventor of X-rays?
Ans. Rontgen
4)In the following, most abundant gas is?
Answere. Nitrogen
5) Symmetry of rectangle is ?
6) First female muslim person in high judiciary system ?
Ans.Arwa al-Hujaili.
7) Starts shines because of ?
Ans. Sunshine

8) Where G-20 summit was held in 2015?
Ans. Antaliya
9) In 2015, Under 20 FIFA world cup held at?
Ans. New Zealand
10) Golconda fort is located at which state?
Ans :  Telangana.

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