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First in the World – Part (1)

FIRST in World
The First  persons  to  reach  Mount  Everest  ––  Sherpa  Tenzing,  Edmund  Hillary

The First  Person  to reach  North  Pole–    Robert  Peary

The First  Person  to  reach  South  Pole–  Amundsen

The First  religion  of  the world  –  Hinduism

The First  Country to print  book  –  China

The First  Country  to  issue  paper  currency  China

The First  Country to commence competitive examination  in  civil  services  – China

The First President  of the U.S.A–  George  Washington

The First  Prime Minister  of Britain  –  Robert Walpole

The First  Governor  General of the United  Nations–  Trigveli  (Norway)

The First  Country  to  prepare  a  constitution  U.S.A

The First Governor  General of Pakistan–    Mohd.  Ali Jinnah

The First  Country to host  NAM summit–  Belgrade  (Yugoslavia)

The First  European  to attack India–  Alexander,  The Great

The First  European  to reach  China–  Marco  Polo

The First  Person  to fly Aeroplane –  Wright  Brothers

The First  Person  to  sail  round  the  world–  Magellan

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