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RRB Non Technical Exams 2016 Analysis – 07-04-2016 First Shift

RRB Non Technical Exams 2016 Analysis – 07-04-2016 First Shift

To the brink and back book written by whom?
Answer : Jairam Ramesh

Booker man Prize winner at 2015?
Answer : Marlon James

Yogeswar Dutt is from which Field?
Answer : Wrestler

Who is the writer of Sustainable Development?
Answer :

Father of White Revelution in india?
Answer : V.Kurian

Land of the Morining clam is known as?
Answer : Korea

Evergreen forest are founded in ?

Answer : Equatorial Regions

Author of Novel “A Brief History of Seven Killings” ?
Answer : Marlon James

Zn is present in ?
Answer :

Which one is fastest Memory?

Answer : Cache

SAADMEX 2015 held at ?
Answer :

Fruit bats are host to which virus?
Answer :

Who is the President of the Present BCCI?
Answer : Shashank Manohar

Year of NASA ACT ?
Answer :

Mountain Railway of India?
Answer : Kashmir Railway

East India Company is also known as?
Answer :

ho written Natya Shastra?
Answer :  Bharata Muni

Smap Satellite launched by ?
Answer : NASA

Full form of GSLV?
Answer : Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

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