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Kadapa Nandalur Sowmyanatha Swamy Temple History

nandalur soumyanatha swamy temple కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం  nandalur soumyanatha swamy temple కోసం చిత్ర ఫలితం

The temple was built during the 11th Century AD by Kulottunga Chola. The Gali gopuram and prakaram were built by Pratap Rudra I of Kakateeya dynasty. It was patronized by Cholas, Pandyas, Kakatiyas, Vijayanagara Kings, Pottapi Kings, Nellore Cholas and Matli Kings.

The idol resembles the idol of Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Tirupati, the only difference being here in Nandalur, the Lord has Abhaya Hastham whereas in Tirumala the Lord has Kati Hastham. Normally in all the temples dedicated to Sri Venkateswara Swamy, the idol will be carved as having Kati Hastham.

Every year during the month of July, Kalyanotsavam to the Lord is performed at the temple. Nandalur is one of the two temples in Cuddapah district where the Government sends pearls to the Lord during the performance of Kalyanotsavam, the other place is Ontimitta which is about 18 kilometers from Nandalur.

The temple is built in an area of 14 acres. The temple has four Raja gopurams overlooking the four directions. The main idol is Sri Soumyanatha Swamy facing East. The whole of the temple is constructed with redstone. The pillars of the Mandapam porch have lion s heads at the bottom of the pillar. There are other small temples of Prayoga Narasimha Swami, Ganapati and Anjaneya and a huge Yagnashala in the complex. There is also small pond in the temple premises.

How to Reach this Temple ::
The nearest accommodation is at Kadapa or Rajampet to visit this temple. The national highway, which is km away from the destination to provide food facilities.

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