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Marketing Research in India ? Problems in Conducting Marketing Research in India

Marketing Research
study of identification. collection, analysis and dissemination of information to facilitate decision-making. To support decision making process, information is needed on continuous basis, This is possible by designing an effective information system. Ani information system helps the organisation in many ways. Designing an effective marketis information system wili reduce risk and uncertainties in decision making Researchers must bear in mind different processes in Marketing Research such as problem identification, approaching the problem. prenaring a good research design, data collection, data analysis and presentation of results The -napter also gives an outline on different areas of Marketing Research which include product, consumer, advertising and policy research. One has to be cautious about the limitations of Marketing Research and Problems involved in accomplishing outcomes of Marketing Research projects in Indian context

No doubt, there is a growing awareness of Marketing Research in Indian Industry. owing to liberalisation and globalisation, competition is intense, both domestically and internationally. Companies are struggling to meet the expectations of customers. Companies put in relentless efforts in understanding the customers better so as to create better value for what they pay. Consumer research is gaining momentum in Marketing Research in the post liberalisation period. The major focus is on value added services. Marketing Research in Insurance, Healthcare and Hospitality Industry is on rise. Product research is undertaken by mostly new entrants such as MNCs like AT & T & Motorola. Financial Market Research credit card research, Image Research, Advertising Research Test Marketing Research,

Research are some of the areas where Marketing Research is making progress.
Apart from growing awareness of Marketing Research Agencies which are rendering Marketing Research services are also on rise. Most important to mention a few are:

•√ Operations Research Group (ORG)

•√ National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER)

•√ Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB)

•√ Marketing & Research Group (MARG)

•√ Marketing operations Design & ices (MODE)

•√ . Marketing & Business Associates (MBA)

•√  Path Finders India.

Though most organisations started recognizing the importance of Marketing Research in Decision Making, it has its own inherent limitations. There are many problems in conducting marketing research in India. The following points elaborate these problems in detail.

1. Non - Availability of Data  :
Marketing Research depends on both primary and secondary sources of data. Primary data should be considered only as a last resort. But data collected through secondary sources is very meager and inadequate. Even if data are available mostly it is outdated as the agencies make inordinate delays in gathering and publishing data. To cite an example, despite the best efforts of Government of India through computerisation there are inordinate delays in publishing census reports and data becomes redundant by the time they publish.

2. Lack of Trained Enumerators:
Data collection is a specialized job. Marketing Research heavily depends on data collection and analysis. owing to scarcity of trained enumerators reliable data is becoming a scarce. Even if data is available its reliability is highly questionable because the data is not collected scientifically.

3. Problems of Primary Data:
As primary data collection has a limited purpose, these statisties cannot be used repeatedly. They are confined to smaller geographical area and serves limited purpose. These primary studies conducted at different locations can't be strictly comparable for decision making and they may give conflicting results due to divergent methodologies used in different studies. These studies are scattered, not reliable & mostly unorganized.

4. Non Cooperation  of Respondents:
Most Respondents don't respond to the surveys. If at all they agree to furnish information, they don't involve in the survey and mechanically they just furnish information without knowing the implications. Non- cooperation from respondents is really a limiting factor on the reliability of results of Marketing Research.

5. Lack of Trust:
Most respondents do not respond with a fear that the crucial information collected from respondents is misused, more so certain confidential information. This is because of lack of trust on the part of respondents

6. Abuse of Respondents Information: 
It has become a practice to abuse crucial lots of the data gathered for the purpose. To cite an example, a credit card holder gets information from many other sales organisations promoting their products and services. Credit card issuing Agencies sell this information to other related
business units and inturn they use this information to promote their products for commercial use.

7. Lack of Professionalism:
Most organisations even today feel that Marketing Research is a luxury. Companies are not willing to invest in Marketing Research as it does not give quick and direct results. Companies believe in their intuition and gutt feeling. In small business units & family run businesses, Marketing Research does not play a greater role.

8. Lack of Integrated Approach:
Marketing Research should be integrated with marketing function. But in most cases Marketing Research is separated with that of marketing. Even if Marketing Research is used it is used as a piecemeal approach and not with an integration of other functions and also not on a continuous basis. It happens mostly as a one time activity and crisis management activity.

9. Expensive ::
Marketing Research needs huge sums and the results are only indicative, informative and approximates. They are not accurate. Marketing Research does not solve the problem. It may help in creating alternative possible solutions to the problem. In most of the cases, it is proved that the costs are disproportionately higher than the benefits that accrue to the firms.

10. It Involves Precious Time & Money:
It is a laborious work and consumes lots of time and may not end up in any reliable and fruitful results despite committing valuable resources, efforts and time.

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