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World Major Deserts and Deepest Caves

Major Deserts of the World 
• Antarctic, Polar, 5.5 million mi2, Antarctica 
• Arctic, Polar, 5.4 million mi2, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia 

• Sahara, Subtropical, 3.5 million mi2, Northern Africa 
• Arabian, Subtropical, 1 million mi2, Arabian Peninsula 
• Gobi, Cold Winter, 500,000 mi2, China and Mongolia 
• Patagonian, Cold Winter, 260,000 mi2, Argentina 
• Great Victoria, Subtropical, 250,000 mi2, Australia 
• Kalahari, Subtropical, 220,000 mi2, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia 
• Great Basin, Cold Winter, 190,000 mi2, United States 
• Thar, Subtropical, 175,000 mi2, India, Pakistan 
• Chihuahuan, Subtropical, 175,000 mi2, Mexico 
• Great Sandy, Subtropical, 150,000 mi2, Australia 
• Kara-Kum, Cold Winter, 135,000 mi2, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan 
• Colorado Plateau, Cold Winter, 130,000 mi2, United States 
• Gibson, Subtropical, 120,000 mi2, Australia 
• Sonoran, Subtropical, 120,000 mi2, United States, Mexico

Deepest Caves of the World
• Krubera which is the deepest cave in the world located in, Georgia (Abkhazia). The estimated depth is 2,080 m (6,822 ft). 
• Lamprechtsofen which is the second deepest cave located in, Austria. The estimated depth is 1,631 m (5,354 ft). 
• Gouffre Mirolda which is third in the list of deepest caves happens to be in France and estimated depth is 1,626 m (5,335 ft). 
• Reseau Jean Bernard which was once believed to be the deepest cave in the world  is located in Alps, in Samoens, France. The depth of the cave is 1,062 m (5,256 ft). 
• Torca del Cerro, last but not least the fifth in the list of deepest caves happens to be Torca del Cerro located in Spain with a depth of 1,589 m (5,213 ft) it is one of the deepest caves in Spain.

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