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What is the Advantages & Disadvantages of English Grammar Translation Method

What is grammar translation method Mention its advantages and disadvantages

Meaning: The translation method is the oldest method of teaching English in our country and is better known as Grammar translation method or the classical method of teaching English. In this method, every word, phrase and sentence in English will be translated into mother tongue.
It is presumed that if a student gets acquainted with the meaning of new words, phrases and sentence, then he can have a command over the English language. This method attaches a great importance to grammar. The method is known as grammar translation method because the grammar of the new language is taught with the help of the grammar of the mother tongue.

1. It is an easy method In this method the child proceeds from the known to unknown. He learns the new languages through his mother tongue. So, it is an easy method.
2 The Phraseology of foreign language can be best understood by being translated into the mother tongue. This is the easiest way of explaining the words and phrases of a foreign language.
3. It saves teacher’s labour : The teacher find it very easy to prepare his lessons. He need not think of the ways and means to explain new words. It does not require the teacher to make use of audio-visual aids.
4. It helps in building vocabulary: This method helps in the rapid helps in the rapid
4. It expansion of vocabulary of the student as it avoids difficult definitions and lengthy explanations. Thus saves the time of the teacher. The vocabulary is economically and effectively acquired. Students get the exact meanings of words.
5. Grammar is easily taught: Grammar of the foreign language is easily taught by comparing it with the grammar of the mother tongue.
6. Comprehension is easily tested: Students comprehension of English can be easily tested.
7. Abstract words and phrases can be easily explained in simple mother tongue.
8. The pupils acquire the art of translation

1. It is an unnatural method: In the translation method the teacher starts teaching English to the students by teaching them reading first. The natural order of learning a language i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing is not followed in this method
2. It neglects speech and pattern practice: This method cannot cultivate speech in English which
is an essential part of a living language like English. It neglects oral work and speech learning
3. It ignores habit formation: Since it neglects speech and pattern practice, the child cannot develop correct habits. It develops the bad habit of translation in thinking. The child never acquires the habit to think in English. First he thinks in mother tongue and then translates his ideas into English.
4. Exact translation is not possible.
5. It teaches English by rules
6. It makes the student a passive listener
7. It is un interesting
8. Too much emphasis on grammar and translation is responsible for books English both in written and spoken form and the knowledge acquired by this method is only one sided.
9. Too much attention to grammatical correctness makes conversation unreal and prevents fluency in expression and it encourages rote memory.

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