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What is MS Word Processing?

What is MS Word Processing?
Word Processing used to type, edit, store and print documents. Memos, letters, reports and articles are all example of documents that can be produced with a word processor. 
The typical word processor consists of a microcomputer, a printer and a word processing software package.
The application program that enables the processing of words is called the word processing program or simply a word processor. 
Some of the features of word processing are:
  • 1. Text is typed out into the computer which can be altered easily.
  • 2. Words and sentences can be inserted or deleted.
  • 3. Printing selected text in boldface, italics or underline.
  • 4. Changing the font and the size of letters of the selected text.
  • 5. Moving or copying selected text to another location within the document or to another document.
  • 6. Printing selected text in subscript or superscript.
  • 7. Adding animation to selected text.
  • 8. Searching for a particular word or phrase and replacing it with some thing else.
  • 9. Aligning selected text.
  • 10. Adjustable line and characters spacing.
  • 11. Facility to create multiple columns text.
  • 12. Spelling and grammar checking
  • 13. Facility to define headers and footers.
  • 14. Facility to define headers notes and footer notes
  • 15. Adjustable page size and margins.
  • 16. Facility to insert clipart images in your document.
  • 17. Tables can be created and included in document.
  • 18. Mail merge and macros.

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