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What is Engineering Drawing – Role of Drawing in Engineering Education

A drawing prepared by an engineer, for an engineering purpose is known as an engineering drawing. It is the graphic representation of physical objects and their relationships. It is prepared, based on certain basic principles, symbolic representations, standard conventions, notations, etc. It is the only universal means of communication used by engineers, a language of ever increasing value.

Importance of engineering drawing
Engineering drawing is a two dimensional representation of a three-dimensional object. It is the graphic language, from which a trained person can visualize the object. As an engineering drawing displays a precise picture of the object to be produced, it conveys the same picture to every trained eye. Drawings prepared in one country may be utilized in any other country, irrespective of the language spoken there. Hence, engineering drawing is called the universal language of engineers. Knowledge in engineering drawing is equally essential for the persons holding responsible positions in engineering field. An engineer without adequate knowledge of this language is considered to be professionally illiterate.

Role of Drawing in Engineering Education
The ability to read drawings is the most important requirement of all technical people in engineering profession. The potentialities of drawing as an engineer’s language may be made use of as a tool for imparting knowledge and providing information on various aspects of engineering The classification of engineering drawings include: Building drawing, machine drawing, electrical drawing, etc.
While teaching majority of subjects: figures or sketches of related objects, machines or systems are made use of, to explain the principles of operation, relation between the parts, etc. Unless the figures are presented, following the norms of draughting practice, the required information cannot be fully conveyed. Hence, the knowledge in engineering drawing is useful in understanding the other subjects as well.

Scope of the subject
The subject matter presented here relates to basic engineering drawing. It mainly deals with geo metrical drawing. It is the art of representation of geometrical objects on a drawing sheet and i the foundation of all engineering drawings.
Plane geometrical drawing deals with the representation of objects having two dimensions Solid geometrical drawing deals with the representation of objects having three dimensions.

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