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Very Important Abbreviations | A to Z Abbreviations for All Competitive Exams

“A ”  –    Abbreviations

AAFI  ===   Amateur Athletic Federation of India

ABC   ===    Atomic, Biological and Chemical (warfare);American Broad-casting Company; Australian Broadcasting Company.
ABM    ===    Anti Ballistic Missiles
ABVP    ===    Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad
ACC    ===    Auxiliary Cadet Corps; Air Coordinating Committee
ADB    ===    Asian Development Bank
ADC    ===    Aide-de-Camp
AEC    ===    Atomic Energy Commission
AICTE    ===    All India Council for Technical Education
AIDS    ===    Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
AIMS    ===    All India Institute of Medical Sciences
AITUC    ===    All India Trade Union Congress
ALCMS    ===    Air Launched Nuclear Armed Cruise Missiles
AMC    ===    Army Medical Corps
ANCA    ===    Alternative Nuclear Command Authority
ANN    ===    Asian News Network
APPEAL    ===    Asian pacific Programme of Education for all
APPLE    ===    Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment
ASAT    ===    Anti-Satellite Weapon
ASEAN    ===    Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASLV    ===    Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
ASPAC    ===   Asian and Pacific Council
ASROCK   ===    Anti-Submarine Rocket Launchers
ASSOCHAM    ===   Associated Chambers of Commerce and industry
ATS   ===    Anti- Tetanus Serum (injection)
AWACS   ===    Airborne Warning and Control System

“B”   –    Abbreviations

BARC    ===    Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BBC    ===    British Broadcasting Corporation
BEL    ===    Bharat Electronics Limited
BCG    ===    Bacillus Calmette Guerin – Anti-  TuberculosisVaccine
BHEL    ===    Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
BIMSTEC    ===    Bangladesh,  India,  Myanmar,  Sri Lanka,Thailand,  Economic   Co-operation
BLT    ===    Bado Liberation Tiger
BMR    ===    Basal Metabolic Rate
BP    ===    Blood Pressure
BRO    ===    Border Road Organisation
BSF    ===    Border Security Force
BARC    ===    Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
BBC    ===    British Broadcasting Corporation
BEL    ===    Bharat Electronics Limited
BCG    ===    Bacillus Calmette Guerin – Anti-  Tuberculosis Vaccine
BHEL    ===    Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
BIMSTEC    ===    Bangladesh,  India,  Myanmar,  Sri Lanka,Thailand,  Economic   Co-operation
BLT    ===    Bado Liberation Tiger
BMR    ===    Basal Metabolic Rate
BP    ===    Blood Pressure
BRO    ===   Border Road Organisation
BSF    ===    Border Security Force

“C”   –    Abbreviations

CA     ===      Chartered Accountant
CAG      ===    Comptroller & Auditor General
CARE      ===    Co-operation for American Relief Everywhere
CAT      ===    Centre for Advanced Technology
CBI      ===    Central Bureau of Investigation
CCI     ===    Cricket Club of India
CDAC      ===    Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
CDP      ===    Community Development Programme
CHOGM      ===    Commonwealth Heads of GovernmentMeeting
CIA      ===    Central Intelligence Agency (of U.S.A)
CIS      ===    Commonwealth of Independent States
CISF      ===    Central Industrial Security Force
CMC      ===    Computer Maintenance Corporation
CMIE      ===    Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy
CNS      ===      Chief of the Naval Staff
COD     ===      Central Ordinance Depot
COFEPOSA      ===      Conservation of Foreign Exchange and prevention of Smuggling Activities Act
CPCSEA     ===      Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals 
CRPF      ===    Central Reserve Police Force
CRR      ===    Cash Reserve Ratio
CSCAP      ===    Council For Security Co-operation for Asia Pacific
CSIR      ===    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSIRO     ===     Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CSO      ===    Central Statistical Organisation
CTBT      ===    Comprehensing Test Ban Treaty
CWC      ===    Central Warehouse Corporation

“D”   –    Abbreviations

DAVP      ===    Directorate  of  Advertising  and  Visual Publicity
DDT      ===    Dichloro-Diphenyl Trichloro-ethane(disinfectant)
DNA      ===    Deoxy ribo-Nuchie-Acid
DOD      ===    Department of Ocean Development
DRDO      ===    Defence Research & Development Organisation
DRES      ===    Department of Renewable Energy Sources

“E”   –    Abbreviations

ECG      ===    Electro Cardiogram
ECGC      ===    Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation of India
ECIL      ===    Electronic Corporation of India Limited
ECT      ===    Electro-convulsat Therapy (electric shock treatment)
ECU     ===    European Currency Unit
EEC      ===    European Economic Community (common market)
EEG      ===    Electro-encephalographye.g.exampli gratia; for example
EIL      ===    Engineers India Limited
E-MAIL      ===    Electronic Mailing
E & OE      ===    Errors and Omissions Excepted
ERDA      ===    Energy Research and Development Administration
ESA      ===    European Space Agency
ESCAP      ===    Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

ESI      ===    Employee State Insurance
ESMA      ===    Essential Services Maintenance Act
EST      ===    Eastern Standard Timeetc.ett cetera (and other things)
EU      ===    European Union
EVM      ===    Electronic Voting Machine
EWS      ===    Economically Weaker Section

“F”   –    Abbreviations

FACT   ===  Fertilizers & Chemicals Travancore Ltd.
FAO   ===  Food and Agriculture Organisation
FBI   ===  Federal Bureau of Investigation (of the U.S.A.)
FCI   ===  Food Corporation of India
FDR   ===  Flight Data Recorder
FERA   ===  Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
FICCI   ===  Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
FTII   ===  Film & Television Institute of India

“G”   –    Abbreviations

GAIL   ===  Gas Authority of India Limited
GATE  ===    Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GATT   ===  General Agreement of  Tariffs and Trade
GDR   ===  German Democratic Republic
GIC   ===  General Insurance Corporation
GIST   ===  Graphics & Intelligence based Script Technology
GMDSS   ===  Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GM   ===  Grand Master (Chess)
GMT   ===  Greenwich Mean Time
GNP   ===  Gross National Product
GOC   ===  General Officer Commanding
GOP   ===  Grand Old Party
GSI   ===  Geological Survey of India
GSLV   ===  Geo Synchronous Launch Vehicle
GTB   ===  Global Trust Bank Ltd.,

“H”   –    Abbreviations

HAL   ===  Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
HBV   ===    Hepatitis – B – Virus
HFDC   ===  Housing Finance Development Corporation
HIV   ===  Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HUDCO   ===  Housing and Urban Development Corporation

“I”   –    Abbreviations

IAAI   ===  International Airport Authority of India

IAC   ===  Indian Airlines Corporation
IADF   ===  International Agricultural Development Fund
IAEA   ===  International Atomic Energy Agency
IAMC   ===  Indian Army Medical Corps
IATA   ===  International Air Transport Association
IBRD   ===    International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
ICAO   ===   International Civil Aviation Organisation
ICAR   ===  Indian Council of Agricultural Research 
ICBL   ===  International Campaign to Ban Landmines 
ICC   ===  International Cricket Conference
ICF   ===  International Court of Justice
ICCR   ===  Indian Council of Cultural Relations
ICCW   ===  Indian Council for Child Welfare
ICHR   ===  Indian Council for Historical Research
ICJ   ===  International Court of Justice
ICICI   ===  Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
ICMR   ===  Indian Council of Medical Research
ICRC   ===  International  Committee  of  the  Red  Cross
IDA   ===  International Development Association
IDBI   ===    Industrial Development Bank of India
IDPL   ===    Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., est
IEA   ===    International Energy Agency
IFAD   ===    International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFCI   ===    Industrial Finance Corporation of India Ltd.
IFFCO   ===    Indian Formers Fertilizers Co-operatives
IFTU   ===    International Federations of Trade Unions
IGMOP   ===    Integrated guided Missile Development Programme
IGNCA   ===    Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts
IGNOU   ===    Indira Gandhi National Open University
IIT   ===    Indian Institute of Technology
ILO   ===    International Labour Organisation
ILY   ===    International Literacy Year
IMA   ===    Indian Military Academy
IMF   ===    International Monetary Fund
IMO   ===    International Maritime Organisation
INCOSPAR   ===    Indian National Committee on Space Research
INMARSAT   ===    International Maritime Satellite Organisation
INMAS   ===    Institute of Nuclear Medicines & Allied Science
INS   ===   Indian Naval Ship; Indian Newspaper Society
INSA   ===    Indian National Science Academy
INSAT   ===    Indian National Satellite
INTELEX   ===    International Teleprinter Exchange
INTERPOL   ===    International Police Organisation
IOC   ===   International Olympic Committee
IORARC   ===    Indian Ocean Rim Association for regional cooperation
IRBM  ===    intermediate Range Ballistic Missile 
ISE   ===    Inter-connected Stock Exchange 
ISO   ===    International Standards Organisation
ISRO   ===    Indian Space Research Organisation
ISP   ===    Internet Service Provider
ISS   ===    International Space Stations
ISSP   ===    Indian Scientific Satellite Project
ITDC   ===    Indian Tourism Development Corporation
ITO   ===    International Trade Organisation; Income -TaxOfficer

“J”   –    Abbreviations

JCO   ===    Junior Commissioned Officer
JNU   ===    Jawaharlal Nehru University
JP   ===    Janata Party; Justice of Peace

“K”   –    Abbreviations

KG   ===    Kindergarten
Kg   ===    Kilogramme

“L”   –    Abbreviations

LASER   ===    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LCA  ===    Light Combat Aircraft
LED   ===    Light-Emitting Diode
LIC  ===  Life Insurance Corporations (of India)
LPG   ===  Liquid Petroleum Gas
LTC   ===  Leave Travel Concession
LTTE   ===  Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

“M”   –    Abbreviations

MAPP   ===  Madras Atomic Power Project
MISA   ===  Maintenance of InternalSecurity Act
MASER   ===  Micro-wave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MAT   ===  Minimum Alternate Tax
MODVAT   ===  Modified Value Added Tax
MRTPC   ===  Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission

“N”   –    Abbreviations

NAA   ===  National Airport Authority
NABARD   ===   National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development
NAEP   ===    National Adult Education Programme
NAG   ===    National Air Guard
NAM   ===  Non-aligned Movement
NASA   ===  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (of the U.S.A.)
NASSCOM   ===  National Association of Software and Service Companies NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NCC   ===  National Cadet Corps
NCEP   ===  National Committee on Environment Planning
NCERT   ===  National Council of Education Research and Training
NCM   ===  National Commission of Minorities
NCRPB   ===  National Capital Region Planning Board
NCSC & ST   ===  National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
NDA   ===  National Defence Academy
NDC   ===  National Development Council
NDPS  ===  Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances
NEP   ===  National Education Policy
NEPA   ===  National Environment Protection Authority
NFC   ===  Nuclear Fuel Complex

NFDC   ===  National Film Development Corporation
NIB   ===  National Internet Backbone
NIC   ===  National Integration Council
NICSAT   ===  National Informatics Centre Satellite
NIFT   ===  National Institute of Fashion Technology
NIO   ===  National Institute of Oceanography
NIS   ===  National Institute of Sports
NLM   ===  National Literacy Mission
NLMA   ===  National Literacy Mission Authority
NMDC   ===  National Mineral Development Corporation
NNPT   ===  Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty
NPC   ===  National Productivity Council
NPP   ===  National Population Policy
NPTC   ===  National Power Transmission Corporation
NREP   ===  National Rural Employment Programme
NRI   ===  Non-resident Indian
NRSA   ===  National Remote Sensing Agency
NSA   ===  National Securities Act
NSC   ===  National Statistical Commission
NSC   ===  National Security Council
NSS   ===  National Savings Scheme
N.S.C.   ===  National Service Corps, National Security Council
NSG   ===  National Security Guards
NSO   ===  National Sports Organisation
NTC   ===  National Textile Corporation
NTPC   ===   National Thermal Power Corporation

“O”   –    Abbreviations

OAU   ===  Organisation of African Unity
OCS   ===  Overseas Communication Service
OECD   ===    Organisation Economic Co-operation and Development
OGL   ===  Open General Licence Oil India Limited
OM   ===  Order of Merit
ONGC   ===  Oil and Natural Gas Commission
OPEC   ===  Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OSCE   ===  Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
OTS   ===  Officers Training Academy

“P”   –    Abbreviations

PAC   ===  Political Affairs Committee; Public Accounts Committee
PDA   ===  Preventive Detention Act
PERC   ===  Political & Economic Risk Consultancy Ltd.,
PETA   ===  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PIB   ===  Press Information Bureau
PIL  ===  Public Interest Litigation
PIN Code   ===  Postal Index Number Code
PIO   ===  Persons of Indian Origin
PLO   ===  Palestine Liberations Organisation
PROM   ===  Programmable Read Only Memory
PSLV   ===  Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
PTA   ===  Preferential Trade Area
PTI   ===  Press Trust of India
PVC   ===  Param Vir Chakra

PVSM   ===  Param Vishisht Sewa Medal

“Q”   –    Abbreviations

QMC  v  Quarter Master General

“R”   –    Abbreviations

RADAR   ===  Radio Detecting and Ranging
RAM   ===  Random Access Memory
RAW   ===  Research and Analysis Wing
RBI   ===  Reserve Bank of India
RCI   ===  Rehabilitation Council of India
REC   ===  Rural Electrification Corporation
RLO   ===  Returned Letter Office
RPF  ===  Railway Protection Force
RPM   ===  Revolution Per Minute
RRB   ===  Railway Recruitment Board
RSS   ===  Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh

“S”   –    Abbreviations

SAARC   ===  South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SAI  ===  Sports Authority of India
SAIDC   ===  South African Industrial Development Corporation
SAIL  ===  Steel Authority of India Limited
SALT  ===  Strategic Arms  Limitation  Talks  (or  Treaty)
SAPTA  ===  South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement
SARS   ===  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SARSAT  ===  Search and Rescue Satellite – Aided Tracking System
SAVE  ===  SAARC Audio Visual  Exchange
SEATO  ===  South East Asia Treaty Organisation
SEBI  ===  Securities and Exchange Board of India
SENSEX  ===  Sensitivity Index of Share Price
SEMIBOMBLA  ===  Scheme of the Economists for Monetary Immobilisation through Bond Medallions and Blocked Accounts 
SFC  ===  Strotegic Forces Command
SHCIL  ===  Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd
 ===  Small Industries Development Bank of India
SIEMA  ===  Southern India Engineering Manufacturers’ Association
SINP  ===  Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

“T”   –    Abbreviations

TADA   ===  Terrorist and Disruptive  Activities (Prevention) Act
TANSI  ===  Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation
TAPS  ===  Tarapur Atomic Power Station
TCAS  ===  Tactical Collision Avoidance System
TDA  ===  Trade Development Authority
TELEX  ===  Teleprinter Exchange TIFAC Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council
TISCO  ===  Tata Iron and Steel Company
TNAU   ===  Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
TNCSC  ===  Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation
TNT   ===  Tri-nitro-toluene (high explosive) Tripura National  Volunteers
TRYSEM  ===  Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment

“U”   –    Abbreviations

UGC  ===  University Grants Commission
UNCTAD  ===  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDCP  ===  United  Nations International Drug Control Programme
UNDP  ===  United Nations Development Programme
UNEF  ===  United Nations Emergency Force
UNFPA  ===  United Nations Population Fund
UNEP  ===  United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO  ===  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNFPA   ===  UN Fund for Population Activities
UNHCR  ===  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNI  ===    United News of India
UNIC  ===  United Nations Information Centre
UNICEF  ===  United Nations International Children’s (Emergency) Fund
UNIDO  ===  United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
UNMOGIP   ===  United Nations Observer Group in India and Pakistan
UNSCOM   ===  United National Special Commission
USAID  ===  United States Agency for International Development

“V”   –    Abbreviations

VAT  ===    Value Added  Tax
VCR  ===  Video Cassette Recorder
VHP  ===  Vishwa Hindu Parishad
VHRR  ===  Very High Resolution Radiometer
VOA  ===  Voice of America
VPP  ===  Value Payable Post
VRDE   ===  Vehicle Research & Development Establishment

“W”   –    Abbreviations

WAY   ===  World Assembly  of  Youth
WBF  ===  World Book Fair
WCD  ===  World Commission of Dams
WEF  ===    World Economic Forum
WFP  ===  World Food Programme
WFTU  ===  World Federation of  Trade Unions
WHO  ===  World Health Organisation (of the U.N.)
WMO  ===  World Meteorological Organisation
WPI  ===  Wholesale Price Index
WTO  ===  World Tourism Organisation
WWF   ===  World Wildlife Fund

“X”   –    Abbreviations

X-mas  ===  Christmas

“Y”   –    Abbreviations

YMCA  ===  Young Men’s Christian  Association
YWCA   ===  Young Women’s  Christian  Association

“Z”   –    Abbreviations

ZETA  ===  Zero Energy Thermo-nuclear Assembly or Apparatus
ZOPFAN  ===  Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality
ZS  ===  Zoological Society

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