The pressure is now on your head to compete in the most difficult examination in the country after working hard for its preparation. So now is the time , you have to hit it and quit it. While there is much difference in the type of paper of mains and advance but at the end it all comes to Physics, Chemistry and Maths. So here are a few tips you should follow to excel your Advance paper and secure a seat in the most prestigious colleges of India. Leave all the tensions and excitements of JEE Mains Result, behind Since you can’t go through everything, just revise your notes Questions in JEE Advanced is more application based; so practice a lot of application and conceptual questions, possibly from mixed topics. So now let us talk about the difference between the mains and advance paper. Mains – Questions are similar to NCERT Book Questions. Straight Forward problems Advance – Finer details and fundamentals are checked for the same topics. Questions Contain mixture of concepts. Books to prepare from – You don’t have enough time now so go for these selected books only. Maths – M. L. Khanna; but very selective. Tough and different questions. 10 problems a Day. Physics – Resnick-Halliday for the concepts; H.C. Verma for numericals and conceptual questions Chemistry – Just cover all the concepts Given in NCERT. Even for JEE Advanced, nothing more than NCERT Is required.


Now the question comes how many hours should you study for the paper. 10-12 hours a day. Make sure you are calm during the period. Don’t let Anything disturb you. Study all the three subjects In a day. On the final day You are going to face all Subjects together Also the syllabus is vast so you might be wondering which concepts should be strengthened more. Don’t waste time on irrelevant topics like pair of straight lines. Calculus is important as it is used in rest of the topics as well. Mechanics in physics; try extending concepts to other topics as well like Electricity and Magnetism A good knowledge of Vectors in physics; Matrices and Probability in maths will be useful In chemistry, focus more on problems involving numerical and major topics like Stoichiometry, Thermo-D etc. And Finally – Tips for taking the exam Plan your time on how much you are going to give for easy questions on 1st scan and then reattempting the slightly difficult ones. Don’t spend much time on a question which you have absolutely no idea about. Leaving Questions is an art which you have to master by practicing. Also a few common mistakes one should avoid. While attempting one question, don’t think of any other question. This negatively impacts your speed while solving a question “Understand the question” very clearly. Don’t rush into solving it. Negative marking can severely impact your rank. -And how to stay mentally and physically fit Take periodic breaks and go out for small strolls. Keep your brain healthy. Don’t stress if your syllabus is not complete. Study whatever you can well. Talk to those regularly who have similar goals. Avoid negative company. Have faith in your ability and preparation. Don’t think about the result, it will follow automatically.

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