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Students and Social Services – English Short Essay


A student is a part of the society he lives in. He has a responsibility to serve it in some capacity or other. Students should know that service to man is service to God. They have to be taught the sense of social service
A student owes something to the society for his development. So he has a duty to repay his debt to society by serving it. He receives education, security and experience from the people around him. He has to do something in  The idea of social service should be cultivated right from the school days. Students should be taught the value of selflessness and sacrifice.
A student has a iot of energy in him. A part of this should be spent in helping others. He should go to the help of his fellow men in times of distress. With this view schemes like the N.S.S. and N.C.C. are started in schools and colleges.

When men suffer from natural calamities students can help them. They can take up activities like the literacy programmes, a education and shramadanam. These will serve to change the face of the society. The recent ‘Janmabhoomi‘ programme in Andhra Pradesh involves students in a large way. They are taken to villages for taking part in various activities. They educate the villagers in matters of sanitation, health and hygiene. When students work for the betterment of the society, India will prosper.

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