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Students and Politics – English Short Essay


students are those whose main aim is to get education. It is debatable whether they should take part in politics or not In some cases it does them good to participate in politics, But there are disadvantages as well.
A student’s attention should not be diverted by anything He should pursue his studies with great concentration. The character of a man is generally moulded in his student days. As such there should be good influences on him, so some argue that students should not enter into politics. Today politics do not have a healthy trend. It is better for the students to keep themselves away from them. In politics students often become puppets in the hands of leaders. They are used in organising strikes and agitations. Violence is often associated with politics. We see how the elections to the students’ unions are being conducted. Often students’ organisations have political affiliations. This leads to a division in the world of the students. So they should not be allowed to go into politics.

But there is another argument. Students are the future citizens of India. They may also be the leaders, They have to develop the qualities of leadership in their student days. In schools and colleges this training is given. Elections to the students’ unions are conducted. Students are now given the voting right in general elections also.
Students have to know what is what in politics. For this they need not actually participate in any political activity. They can have an objective assessment of the political situation
It is enough if they know about politics without getting involved in them.

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